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  1. Hi all, For our pipeline needed, I need to change the location of houdini backup files. Anyone can point me the way to do this? Thanks, Huan
  2. P.S. MY QUESTION IS : How to export the Polygon Type geometry into separated with alembic?
  3. Oh,This is my fault.I type the wrong format(now,I know the right format should be "@name==*" , forgive my stupidity.) in the Partition Attribute,so It give me a"Houdini Console". Follow the Old School 's method,It is working!thanks to you,Master Old School. But,I encountered a new problem that if I use two (or more) PRIMITIVE geometry(Primitive Type:Primitive)merge together.and then add a connectivity SOP and a Attribute Create SOP,type the attribute in the Alembic Partition Attribute,I can get the right pieces objects.But if I use two(or more)POLYGON geometry(Primitive Type:Polygon)merge together,and then ... ... ,it doesn't work. In the convert SOP ,it haven't a function to convert a polygon to a primitive.and I don't know how to add a "polygon attribute" like a primitive attribute. If you can't understand my bad English.Please download my file.I think it will help you understand my problem. exportGEO_problem.hip ABC.zip
  4. Many thanks to you ,Master Old School. I think you are right,but when I do like this ,I got the "Houdini Console". What's the reason?
  5. Hi,guys! I am newbie in Houdini.I want to export the separated GEO edit in Houdini to Nuke with Alembic.I find the "Partition Attribute" in the alembic rop.but,I don't know how to use it.Anyone can help me,please. Sorry for my bad English. Best wishes. Here is my file. exportGEO.hip