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  1. wow that's awesome with 2 direction displacement and also displacement mask on it. Can't wait to see your scene file. Appreciate your work. Dude you have to create one little tutorial about this stuff and send it for example to cmiVFX, will be good for you and for us as well:)
  2. Your hip file was very helpful. What about displacement in any direction that i want? also what about displacement mask and uvs? Is it too complicated?
  3. pscale doesn't work in bullet

    I used RBD point object shelf tool and Houdini made by itself
  4. pscale doesn't work in bullet

    Yah, i made random scales with copy stamping, it's slower but works fine
  5. pscale doesn't work in bullet

    Thank Mangi for your help
  6. Hi folks, When i use pscale attribute on points and copy spheres on them, it causes the effect not to work correctly, if i bypass pscale then everything works fine. Is there any solution? I'll attache hip file bullet_pscale.hip
  7. Z-depth pass

    I'm using after effects. Don't know how to do that in after effects:( any idea?
  8. Z-depth pass

    Thanks for the reply. I'm using default, real values but when doing depth in comp, something is wrong, it blurs everything incorrect and also depth pass is too dark. Any advice?
  9. Z-depth pass

    Hi folks, I'm rendering depth pass and was wondering how can i control near and far on depth pass? black and white color
  10. Thank you woodenduck
  11. Hi folks. I'm trying to render car, i have several area lights in the scene. I want to turn off lights reflections on car surface, how can i do that? I'm using custom shader. In the light linker tab there is reflection mask, but it doesn't show me light list, only objects.
  12. Hello guys, I'm using Houdini 12.5 on Win 7 x64 and every time when i hit render button it shows me this dialog: I have already tried re-installing Houdini but it doesn't work, also already seen this topic - http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_forum&Itemid=172&page=viewtopic&t=28260&sid=fdf9a335b9bea42065a1e22b7a60053e but there is no help. Is there any solution?
  13. Photon Map in sequence

    Please anybody answer me
  14. Hello everyone. I'm generating photon map file with indirect light and now i want to use it in sequence, so how can i do that? When rendering animation, it generates a new photon map on every frame and it causes light flickering.
  15. VDB Fracture

    Hi folks. Can anyone explain how to pre fracture geometry with VDB like this one: https://vimeo.com/70409265