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  1. Hello everyone, I have created few videos to introduce vectors and matrices in a fun way, with lots of real-world examples. Please go through them and I would love to get a feedback. Intro to Vectors | An Idiot's Guide to Vectors and Matrices, Part 1 Intro to Matrices | An Idiot's Guide to Vectors and Matrices, Part 2 Advance Operations | An Idiot's Guide to Vectors and Matrices, Part 3 Depending on the feedback, I am planning to create few Houdini specific videos as well.
  2. FrameChange EventCallback using HDK

    Hello @MrScienceOfficer, Can you please explain in detail, how to create such wrapper ? Couldn't find similar thing in HDK Samples.
  3. FrameChange EventCallback using HDK

    Hello @Stalkerx777, Thanks for you suggestion. But the above code doesn't compile as "addEventCallback()" method is only available if "SWIG" is defined. Any work-around for this ?
  4. Hello, I want to add an event_callback on frameChange in playbar, using HDK. In Python it works like this : hou.playbar.addEventCallback(outputPlaybarEvent) What is the HDK equivalent of this ? Thanks, Jaideep Khadilkar
  5. Which GPU to choose

    Hello, I am planning to buy new PC and mostly sure about the configuration. But confused about which graphics card to choose. Following are the constraints. 1. Needs to have stable Linux drivers. I will mostly use Ubuntu 14 2. Needs to run with Houdini. Houdini 15 requires an OpenGL 3 compliant graphics card and a driver that provides OpenGL 3.3 support. 2GB VRAM or more is recommended. 3. Budget is under 20K Indian Rupees. There are 3 choices in front of me. Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 AMD FirePro V4900 1GB AMD FirePro W4100 2GB Which one of these is stable with Linux and Houdini ?
  6. How To Seperate Shadow

    Hi, I am working on a shot which has some render intensive objects, and I want to render a beauty pass along with some extra image planes or passes, as follows: Diffuse Pass (without shadow) Specular Pass (without shadow) Reflection Pass Shadow Pass I am using extra image planes for this, but don't know how to get diffuse and spec witout shadow. In one of my tests I wrote a diffuse shader with illuminance loop, which outputs diffuse without shadow. But changing all my shaders for all my objects, is a lot of work. Is there any simpler solution?
  7. Hi, I am using Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient method for performing Mesh Optimization in my HDK Node. I am using UT_MatrixIterSolver::PCGLS for this but I am little bit confused about using function pointers as first two arguments. Do I have to write static wrapper functions for this. How am I supposed to write the MultA and AtASolve. HDK help on UT_Matrix provides help on it, but using Functors, but i am using houdini 10.0 and it uses function pointers. Can somebody provide any sample for using PCGLS with HDK. Regards, Jaideep Khadilkar
  8. Curve Surface Conversion

    I found out that there is a convert() function in GU_Detail, which does the same thing. But it takes GU_ConvertParms as a parameter. I tried playing with GU_ConvertParms, but couldn't figure out what to set in the fromType and ToType as well as other parameters. Couldn't find any examples related to this. Does anybody have any idea, abt how it works??? A simple hint might also help...
  9. Hi, Had some doubts about geometry conversions. 1. How to extract a NURBcurve from a NURBsurface. 2. How to convert a NURBcurve to NURBsurface. Regards, Jaideep Khadilkar
  10. Hand Remote

    Hi, Here is my experiment with opencv and arduinio... A TV remote that runs with hand gestures.
  11. Houdini And Face Tracking

    Hi... I was just doing some tests with computer vision and opencv. Here is the result, I have used opencv library for computer vision processing . There are two modules that I have written. One tracks the face from webcam and collects all the data of the face track. The other module, which is a python node in houdini, reads all this data and applies it to the car. Regards, Jaideep Khadilkar
  12. Hi... I would like to know, how to solve a linear set of equations in VEX. Can matrix data type be used to do that?? Also, how would you do it with Python. I know, some external python libraries can be used for that, but some example files might help. Regards, iamjaideep80 (Jaideep Khadilkar)
  13. Where Can I Get HQueue

    Hi, Where can I get HQueue and HqServer. I searched thru houdini utilities , but couldn't find one. Is it a free utility or a paid one. Also a help on HQueue would help.
  14. How To Get Light Specific Extra Image Planes

    Thanks Sam. But can I do it with normal shaders. This way, I have to write shaders for all my existing shaders.
  15. Hi, I have a scene with 10 lights. I want 10 passes with illumination by each individual light. I know that for 3 point lighting we can use RGB method. But that won't help with more than 3 lights. I am trying to do it with mantra node and Extra Image Planes option. There is an option called, Export variable for each Light. I am giving "Cf" as a vex variable and " Export variable for each Light" ON. It creates 10 channels but no information in it. Plz reply if anybody knows how to do it.