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  1. Hi! Thank you very much for the replies! I could not find any examples like the one you mentioned, which does look very cool indeed!! I will give it a try!
  2. Hi! I have been reading some posts here and googled for complex examples using HDK, but still do not have a very clear idea of what HDK can do. Just to give some context, let's say we want to do research on algorithms used to simulate deformable objects such as deformable solids or cloth, at the same time we want to change core functionalities such as collision response to handle cloth self-collisions and flesh-cloth collisions in different ways, and from all these stuff we want to be able to extract the forces at every step, for example if we wanted to externally use a haptic device to "touch" different elements in the scene. My question is, do you think it is possible to do this kind of stuff with HDK in a reasonable amount of time? Thank you in advance!