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  1. You have a point there and agree with that its just im kinda used to thingking particles where everything is rigidbody collision. Anyways Awesome awesome awesome tips again! Thanks for your help guys!cant wait to try this on my effects shoots!
  2. Hi guys thanks for your help i try using the Glue for RBD sim and emit some debris. Any suggestion on how to improve this? -collisions of debris as rbd not particle or point collision -randomization of instance/copy Thanks! RBD Glue Study_v2.hipnc
  3. Hi guys! Im a 3ds max(Thinking particles) user and my company require me to shift to Houdin. Is there a way to do this in houdini? I tried using rbd and bullet but it show weird result like in first frame it explode or all of the pre fractude object starting to move. Can anyone share a similar hip file similar to my test in thinking particles? Thanks!