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  1. Viewport bounding box

    Tha't it! Thanks
  2. Creating simple tornado motion using pointcloud

    Thank you very much for the hip files.....Learning a lot:)
  3. Export Pz to Autodesk Flame

    Hi, thanks for the reply. I've been trying with 32bit exr. Import exr with passes from Maya work well. I've tried several passes from Houdini, like Normal and shadow map and work fine, the only one I'm having trouble is the Pz. I've tried as a vector and Flame recognizes as pass but it has no info (I've looked with a histogram...). Can you help me with shader vector part? Thanks, mb
  4. Hi, I'm having trouble to render a Pz pass and import to Autodesk Flame. With Nuke everything works fine, but I'm not beeing able to import do Flame. I've tried every exr and tiff compression, I've tried with seprate files. Can anyone help me? Maybe this is a Autodesk Flame question, but maybe some of you had the same problem. Thanks, mb