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  1. Hi guys, Is there any way to access point attributes in crowd setup to tweak the ragdoll behaviour? popforce seems to break the whole thing and each agent is processed as a single point but somehow still able to run bullet sim in ragdoll state but with limited capability. Thank you C
  2. Hi, I have been using scriptMenuStripDynamic extensively and I am wondering if any of you tried to a dynamic submenu in xml before? I can't seem to do it Thanks F
  3. $HDA variable?

  4. Create a new take with these inclusion/exclusion and make all the other takes children of this new one.
  5. You can put them in the button callback, change the language to python. The parameters need to exist otherwise it'll throw an error Edit: Callback does not take "\n". Anyway...... ft_getminmaxvelocity.7z
  6. node = hou.node('/obj/geo1/speed1') geo = node.geometry() pts = geo.points() buffer = [] for i in pts : v = i.attribValue("v") speed = hou.hscriptExpression("length({0},{1},{2})".format(v[0],v[1],v[2])) buffer.append(speed) buffer = sorted(buffer) minspeed = buffer[0] maxspeed = buffer[-1] hou.parm("/node/with/min/parm").set(minspeed) hou.parm("/node/with/max/parm").set(maxspeed)
  7. @density = volumesample(1, "density", @P); v@v = volumesamplev(1, "vel", @P);
  8. Hi All, In Houdini 16.5 Alembic rop export, the build hierarchy from attribute behave differently now. In the past, I need to pass a proper hierarchy naming ie: /group1/geo1/geo1Shape and all the transforms will be stored in geo1 and loaded as expected in Maya. Now when I do exactly that, this is the hierarchy I got in Maya: /group1/geo1/geo1_instance1/geo1Shape Where all the transforms are stored in geo1_instance1. In a way it's good to catch any shape nodes that is not exported with its parent transform in path attribute. Is there any way to make the old way work? How do I control the "_instance" naming part in path attribute? I would like to output the hierarchy EXACTLY like how I set it up in the first place. Thanks
  9. Callback on the parm you wish to change? Create onChange callback function ?
  10. Does anyone know how to change wiring style with python and or permanently?
  11. Smoke Solver | Tips and Tricks

    Thank you so much
  12. Hi its probably a long shot but I'll try anyway. I am trying to build ui using the old ui scripting with the help of huilib. This is not an argument thread about .ui vs PyQt vs PySide. I am trying to build a selection list in the UI like those you found in hou.ui.selectFromList Upon searching I came across the CHOOSER command with NO helpful hints or docs whatsoever. A lot of examples of how to build it but none to show how to populate it. Can anyone help if they know please? All the examples seems to point that the content was build dynamically. This is taken from one of the examples: undoChooser = CHOOSER 1 VALUE(undoChoices) STRETCH; But thas no pointer of how undoChoices was constructed. Thank you all!!
  13. Is that your attitude when visiting someone's house? Good Luck!
  14. Opscript+SOP solver

    While we are on this topic, I am wondering if SESI will upgrade opscript to support items as well as nodes? Thanks
  15. Hi Is there any way to have a flip solver that simulates multiple type of liquids together? Like layering system that has weight of interactions between different layers. I am thinking of having something like jelly, oil and blood mix in the same blood. They are all quite viscous but not meant to stick with each other. I want the jelly to slide (slip) off the oil and blood and vice versa. Is it possible? I am aware I cannot have 2 flip objects running and interact with each other. Or can they? I am thinking about building a custom dynamic collider that only affect certain particle group (layer). That quickly getting confusing as I am planning to have more than 2 type of layers. At the moment my viscosity always trying to pull the other layer with them no matter how I set @ballistic (activation), or @stopped (which cause particle to fall through), surface tension or slip field. I am running out of ideas now. Thank you all
  16. Flip with multiple layers of liquids

    I can create custom self collision using gas particle to sdf and gas calculate to collision field, but this setup stops the collision from static object to behave properly. Has anyone build a custom collision in dop before?
  17. Flip with multiple layers of liquids

    Yeah, Viscosity is the big bottle neck on what I try to achieve. It sticks no matter what. I thought some sort of layering would be helpful
  18. Houdini UI Python Library

    Thanks a lot, Alex
  19. Houdini UI Python Library

    Thanks for this wonderful tool. I got 2 questions: 1. How to implement a proper HIconButton with built in icon? 2. Is there any way to query an opened window and close it first before committing a new one? Thanks
  20. alembic export with path attribute

    you need a unique path attribute for every object otherwise houdini will pack the same transform into existing ones. packed_alembic_export2.hiplc
  21. alembic export with path attribute

    Sorry the tree gave me errors all the way to the top where the alembic file is missing. Path attribute need to be primitive attribute
  22. What about using normalize field when you use source fluid in dop and use the multiplier to determine max value? you can also inspect the min max field value on sop level in spreadsheet-intristic prims attribute or dcatter some points and do volume sample
  23. There is an env var that disable caching during simming/farming. You can put it in as a pre script render. Not sure if that help you.
  24. Mantra error loading Geo issue

    Thanks for the tip. I am dealing with one density volume. However i was testing with some bgeo.sc geometries, alembics and the test pig with the same random error. It seems to be upset when reading geometries from disk but then sometimes i got error just from a mountained box