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  2. Free script to convert alembic cameras

    Hi John, Thanks for the script. You might want to include all camera attributes that comes with the alembic file. also instead of baking it to frame range on houdini playbar, you can get the range exactly as it was exported using this line: import _alembic_hom_extensions as abc abc.alembicTimeRange(hou.ch("fileName"))[0] * hou.fps() abc.alembicTimeRange(hou.ch("fileName"))[1] * hou.fps()
  3. Digital Assets Versioning Workflow

    You can have multiple files for each hda. as long as the naming is consistent, It'll show up in the same nodetype. Also when you want to tweak the hda, it is good practice to "copy" the hda into user's otlpath and put version 0 (overwriting any existing ones) into it. Once user is happy they can publish it back to a shared otlpath as a new version.
  4. hou ui Button Colour

    Yes, Use output node and set the output index
  5. Using time shift sop and this expression: $F-($F%2)
  6. If you got the cluster from pcopen command, wouldn’t the centerpoint be @P?
  7. Is this what you are after? I hope it helps. ftaswin_cam_triggered_alembic_animation.hip
  8. promote via wrangle

    from a point wrangler you can do this : Instead of "set", you can also put: add,min, minimum,max, maximum,mult, multiply,toggle,append.
  9. Look into hou.Node.saveItemsToFile() We have been using this system for years with great feedback from artists.
  10. Closed leaf venation patterns

    @Librarian Great result! I'd loved to know how you use the rules and where it is plugged to Thanks
  11. addpoint(VEX) help adding permanent point

    As a houdini user I had a little chuckle over this :D:D:D:D
  12. Extract Transform VEX Variant

    vector p = point(0,"P",0); // pivot position vector u = set(0,1,0); vector n = normalize(v@v); vector o = cross(u,n); matrix3 m3 = set(o.x, o.y, o.z, u.x, u.y, u.z, n.x, n.y, n.z); //3D Rotation Matrix matrix m4 = set(o.x, o.y, o.z, 0, u.x, u.y, u.z, 0, n.x, n.y, n.z, 0, p.x, p.y, p.z, 1); //3D Transformation matrix If you dont have any vectors then you can build it using 3 points reference. Let me know if you need help for this too
  13. Scripted access to Bundle panel

    @Feather Thanks for your reply. it is not a smart bundle.
  14. Hi All, Is there any way I can access bundle panel to find out what node is selected in the highlighted bundle? Using python, I assume? Thanks in advance for any directions F
  15. Removing Points on corners

    For your case, this works (run on point wrangler): int pts[] = neighbours(0,@ptnum); if(len(pts)!=2) return; vector n1 = normalize(point(0,"P",pts[0])-@P); vector n2 = normalize(point(0,"P",pts[1])-@P); @group_corners = dot(n1,n2)>-0.1;