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  1. DOP: @v doesnt work when @active is set later

    When you want to activate your rbd inside DOP you also have to define all initial attributes there and then. For example : if(@Frame>100) { if (i@active==0) { i@active = 1; v@v = {0,1,0}; v@w = {29,0,0}; }} Sorry about formatting. It's very hard to code on phone.
  2. Viewport | no cam position

    __import__("toolutils").sceneViewer().curViewport().viewTransform().extractTranslates().x() __import__("toolutils").sceneViewer().curViewport().viewTransform().extractTranslates().y() __import__("toolutils").sceneViewer().curViewport().viewTransform().extractTranslates().z() Map them in vector3 parm respectively (x,y,z). It will update automatically
  3. Number of Prims in a group?

    // in detail wrangle : int prims[] = expandprimgroup(0,"primgroupname"); string pieces[] = {}; foreach(int p;prims) { string nm = prim(0,"name",p); if(find(pieces, nm) < 0) { append(pieces, nm); } } s[]@nm = pieces;
  4. POP Force Mass Remap

    Use vexpression is used to dynamically adjust one or more parameters you see in the node, NOT updating point attribute individually. To do the later use pop wrangle/ geometry wrangle. To use vex in pop force you can enable the top vexpression and use something like this: force *= fit(@P.x, -2,2,.5,2); those particles on one side will have half the force settings and on the other will have twice the strength
  5. int pts[] = expandpointgroup(0,”groupname”); if(len(pts) > chi(“max_limit”)) { foreach(int pt; pts) setpointgroup(0, “deleteme”, pt, 1);}
  6. Change default file paths

    look into OnCreated.py
  7. VEX points edge selection issue.

    if(relpointbbox(0,@P)[0]%1==0 && relpointbbox(0,@P)[2]%1==0) @group_edges = 1;
  8. You can filter and "smooth" the direction(N) you use to "peak" your surface. pcopen-pcfilter will do that just fine. in vex: int handle = pcopen(0, "P", @P, ch("radius"), chi("max_points")); @P = pcfilter(handle,"P"); You can do similar in Vop too.
  9. how to add points to a curve?

    There is also vex version, but yes, no easy way
  10. how to add points to a curve?

    The simplest answer I can think of is to rebuild the input curve and turn it into a single curve node (very easy to do with python). From there, do whatever you want. node = hou.node('/obj/geo1/alembic_curves_unpacked') parent = node.parent() pos = node.position() geo = node.geometry() prims = geo.prims() for prim in prims : crvnode = parent.createNode("curve") pts = prim.points() tmppos = "" for pt in pts : tmppos += ",".join([str(x) for x in pt.position()]) + " " crvnode.parm("coords").set(tmppos) crvnode.setPosition(pos) crvnode.move([0,-1]) pos = crvnode.position()
  11. in the parameter editor, if you click the cog icon - add spare input, it will add a string parameter where you can plug a node path you can reference to. So instead of detail(1,"iteration",0),detail(2,"iteration",0),detail(3,"iteration",0) referring to the node connected on input 2,3 and 4, You can use detail(-1,"iteration",0),detail(-2,"iteration",0) referring to the spare parm you just added (-1 is the first spare parm, -2 is the second and so on)
  12. Node presets environment variable

    In your case, it would be D:/stuff mapped as HOUDINI_PATH the presets folder inside will be recognized
  13. Hierarchy in FBX's Export

    From H18.0.5xx onward I believe you can export FBX with path attribute like alembic.
  14. Curve Attributes Access

    node = hou.pwd() geo = node.geometry() points = geo.points() x,y,z = points[0].attribValue("P")
  15. Listing nodes of a particular type?

    hou.nodeType(hou.objNodeTypeCategory(), "cam").instances()
  16. Houdini UI Python Library

    It still does, @Stalkerx777. Thanks again
  17. Opscript+SOP solver

    hou.selectedItems() includes nodes, dots, sticky notes and networkBox hou.selectedNodes() only can store nodes. opscript will only detect nodes, and not dots, sticky notes or networkBox but i doubt SESI will update that I havent found the equivalent to select items
  18. hou.pwd().type().definition().sections()["EditableNodes"].contents() Will give you the editable node(s) name/path you setup in hda creation.
  19. Can @group_NAMEOFGROUP be a variable?

    As well as setting up a group first time around, also declare a variable for you purpose to: int result=0; If(condition){ @group_grp=1; result=1; } Later, in the wrangle: if(result){ do something; }
  20. mysterious attribute behaviour...

    edit: I think I misinterpreted your question. You can query using point or detail expression.
  21. Colour codes

    Well, if you appreciate that tip you might like these sets. I used to hate node shapes when sesi introduced them. But since its fully customizable, it went out of controls now. Let me know what you think.
  22. Colour codes

    For node’s color and shapes, you don’t have to set them up in OnCreated script at all. If you hold ctrl and drag Shape OR Color to any nodes in networkEditor, that action get saved as your default Shape and or Color.
  23. Sorry for the late reply, thanks.
  24. Hi guys, Is there any way to access point attributes in crowd setup to tweak the ragdoll behaviour? popforce seems to break the whole thing and each agent is processed as a single point but somehow still able to run bullet sim in ragdoll state but with limited capability. Thank you C
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