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  1. VDB with cluster pyro simulation

    Thanks for reply! Merge back in one container should work, but it seems meaningless for cluster simulation?
  2. Hi there, Is there any tips to import VDB to other renderer from cluster pyro simulation? I only can import the first cluster. Thanks!
  3. Thanks! It works perfectly
  4. Thanks for reply. But what I want to do is if the points' attribute "flag" > 1 then set another attribute to 1 for the group "pieceXX" that the points belongs to. So I want to get what group that the point belongs to.
  5. Hi everyone, I would like to get the group name from attribute "flag" > 0. Then set some attribute to the whole group's points. I set the point number 276's flag attribute to 1. And it should belongs to 3 groups(inactive,group_276,and pieceXX). I had searched for solution and some said it can be done by using pointgrouplist. But I have no idea how to use it for checking. Anyone can help? Many thanks! pointgroup_question.hip
  6. Hi all, I'm playing around with cloth and I want to use the fracturethreshold attribute to control the tearing effect. But I failed by using point vop/vertex vop/attribute create to controlling the attribute and only can success with paint sop. Wanna ask why and how to use a more procedural method for controlling that? Many thanks!
  7. Question about grouping points

    Thanks! You are my hero
  8. Hello all, I want to ask how to add points permanently in a group with bounding objects? The file enclosed will excluded the point outside the box. But I want the points once inside the box will be grouped. Thank you all ! group_question.hiplc
  9. Problem of saving .sim in pyro simulation

    Thanks for reply My machine got 64gb ram. I guess it should be enough for the simulation. And it will happen in the middle of simulation also.
  10. Sometimes the .sim files won't work with error "Tried to load an invalid simulation state file" At first I guess it might related to file size. But I had this error in 4gb, 6gb, and even 9gb, 11gb .sim files. And recently I met this error in the middle of simulation. For example, error in frame 45-65, but return to be normal in frame 66 to the end. I just create a sphere with default pyro shelf explosion. And change the division to 0.035. Can anybody help to solve this problem? Many thanks!! P.S. I'm using Mac OSX 10.9. I have tried to simulate in 10.8.3 as well. But the error still the same.