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  1. external text editor for scripting

    Regarding hconfig and the houdini.env file. I was also looking at the houdini.env file in win xp. I tried to define JOB= $HOME/Job same way I have it working in osx. Having no luck what so ever. I was modifying the file in HOME%\houdiniX.X\houdini.env Is this correct? The docs are a bit sparse .. http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini10.0/basics/config_env thanks Tom
  2. external text editor for scripting

    I did set it in the houdini.env as EDITOR = /Applications/Textwrangler.app When I hit the external editor button in the expression editor window I get this error: Spawn Error: : Permission denied Error running /Applications/Textwrangler.app Argument list: 0: /Applications/Textwrangler.app 1: /tmp/hfs11156-134.tmp.str -Tom P
  3. python, find a node's attribute by type instead of name

    Thank you! Exactly what I was looking for. One unexpected result was that it caught some file type attributes buried in an otl that I wouldn;t have known to look for. -Tom
  4. Hi, how would one find an attribute by type instead of by name? I'm writing a short python script to dump out a list of all the external files used in a hip file. In most contexts the node type I need is called "file" and the attribute I evaluate is also called "file" or "filename1". Pretty trivial. However in shops a texture/environment/whatever map can be called anything you want ..the only consistent hook I have is that the attribute is of type "file". If I get a list of all the node's params.. paramlist = node.parms() for param in paramlist: paramtype = param.type() I was hoping to do the above, same way param.name() works but no such luck. Is there a way to go about doing this? thanks Tom
  5. od[force] Houdini 11 Wishlist

    Just did my first project lighting inside houdini rather than a studio's inhouse lighting tool and what I would really love to see is a non realistic fully art-directable fallin and falloff control for the spot and point lights. Basically an artist can specify a distance from which a light starts contributing, to full contribution, and another pair for full contribution to zero. -Tom
  6. external text editor for scripting

    Anyone know where hconfig lives on a OsX installation? Or how to set the editor correctly to find say Applications/TextWrangler I get an error with the above string as $EDITOR. thanks Tom
  7. how to get python error output to the shell with OsX

    Got an answer from Graham on sidefx. Basically run houdini in a properly initialized environment by first starting -Houdini Shell.terminal -type houdini
  8. Hi, when I work with houdini in linux on python scripts that live inside an OTL, I can usually see and catch errors from typo's in the external shell. Anyone know how to get the same feedback behavior in OsX? I'm on snow tiger with 10.0.465. I tried starting houdini from the terminal shell with "open" to mimic the usual linux workflow but no luck. Is there some environment variable I need to set to enable output to stderror? thanks Tom
  9. Posts gets truncated on preview on Mac Firefox

    Hi Marc, looks like a firefox bug. I didn't see the problem using chrome or safari. -Tom
  10. Posts gets truncated on preview on Mac Firefox

    hmm.. I just sent my problem post to the coding section On the first send it got truncated at the end of the first line with "kwargs['node'].hdaModule().update(kwargs['node'],kwargs['input_index'])" Got the same problem with this post too I had to re-edit and then hit send again to post the full message. -Tom
  11. python questions about OnInputChanged event handler

    Thank you Graham, Got it working both ways, passing the multiple kwargs or the kwargs object. For anyone curious, to pass multiple kwargs the syntax is In the OnInputChanged section: kwargs['node'].hdaModule().update(kwargs['node'],kwargs['input_index']) Inside the python module: def update(node,index): currentpath = node.path() current = hou.node(currentpath) cam = current.inputs()[int(index)] To pass the whole kwargs object, (tried it in the OnNameChanged section) the syntax is: In the OnNameChanged section: kwargs['node'].hdaModule().updateOldName(kwargs) Inside the python module: def updateOldName(test): old_name = test['old_name'] node = test['node'] currentpath = node.path() current = hou.node(currentpath) I was testing this on a mac so in both cases I found the easiest way to check if the variables were passing properly was using this as a quick and easy "print statement": hou.ui.displayMessage(currentpath) -Tom
  12. Hi, I tried posting and my text gets truncated after an arbitrary number of lines when I preview. This in Firefox on a Mac w 10.6.2. Haven't seen it on any other platform - Tom
  13. Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to call a function with the OnInputChanged event handler. I have a function foo() defined in the Python module that I'd like to run anytime I change the the first input to my asset. Tried hou.pwd().hdaModule().foo(kwargs[0]) in the OnInputChanged section of my the scripts tab in my asset without luck. So a few questions I have are Is this the correct workflow.? function lives in the python module but the gets called from the event handler section? Does the function for a specific event handler need to have the same name as the handler? Finally, what's the correct syntax for passing keynames besides 'node'to kwargs ..or multiple keynames since some of the handlers can use more.. thanks! Tom
  14. HI, how do you open a file with a manual update from the gui in osx or winxp? On linux, if I have a troublesome file opening it with houdini -n filepath does the trick. I tried opening a session, changing update to manual and then loading the file. However the new file's "automatic" update overrides the previous setting. thanks Tom
  15. Hi Jason, not clear on what you mean by the unparented part. I used a fetch to get a shot_cam's transforms to place the text from a font sop in the right place on the window. That works quite nicely. The icing on the cake would be access to the transforms of the default persp1 ..no cam in world space or some sorta window coordinates... thanks Tom