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  1. Pop attract per wire obj

    Thank you very much, that was exactly what i needed!
  2. Pop attract per wire obj

    Thanks anim, and you are totally right, it wont do any good. Im trying to figure out how could I tell pop attract node that the wire has detached from animation geo so stop affecting it, but continue affecting the ones that are still pinned. Maybe you could do something like this? if there was a change of gluetoanimation attribite in the wire, then dont affect the points that are in that wire? No idea how I would write it.
  3. Hey, Im using pop attract in combination with wire object and it works pretty well, but I cant figure out how to deactivate it for points or primitives that got gluetoanimation attribute set to 0, meaning that wire has deattached from surface. And at the same time keep it affecting other wires that are still glued to the surface. Im afraid i cant post the scene file. Thanks
  4. Fill deforming cached animation with points

    Cheers! That sort of worked, but because my geometry is stretching back and forth it doesn't hold all the points inside. I attached a screenshot.
  5. Hey, I have alembic cache of animated creature. Now I want to fill that in with scatter points, in the way so that they don't float or jitter. It works fine with area attribute, but then I only get points on surface when I really need them inside. I've found a couple of solutions but they don't work very well in my case. For example cloth capture seems fine on first frames but then geometry starts stretching, even if I increase radius very high. Another one with custom otl gives me an error from start. http://forums.odforce.net/topic/10377-points-filled-in-a-deforming-object/ http://forums.odforce.net/topic/17532-alembic-fracture/ It's been quite a while since those topics were created, especially the first one, so I thought perhaps anyone's got a different solution? thanks
  6. Particle to field and pyro

    Thanks a lot! I've tried creating some simple scenes and it works really well. But in my current scene I still can't get it to work, at least now when I turn velocity visualization on, I can properly see vel fields coming from particles. However, the smoke still stays at the same position where it was emitted. I'll just explain what I'm after. I created low res smoke sim, then in popnetwork used gasadvect to get smoke vel field to move particles and now I wanna use those same particles to create a totally new pyro sim. Just wanted to see if that's gonna give me a more interesting look than the first sim had. If there's no other way to help me out without scene file, I'll clean it up, because it has bunch of other stuff, and upload it.
  7. Particle to field and pyro

    Hey, I'm trying to transfer particle velocities into pyro vel field, but no luck. When I turn on vel visualization, you can see that there's something going on, but effect is very settle. I went through forums and looks like sopgeo DOP and gasparticletofield should do the job. Perhaps I need more substeps as my particles are moving quite fast? I have attached a screenshot with my setup. thanks
  8. Field force and FLIP

    thanks reny!
  9. Field force and FLIP

    Hey everyone, In my scene I have an object that is supposed to take off from the water surface using one engine. First thing that I tried to get this powerful stream is field force dop, now it does the job, but for some reason it pushes particles to all directions. The velocities that I'm getting from sops are pointing down, guide geometry displays it correctly too. I'm fairly new to importing custom forces into dops, my apologies if it's something very obvious. I've attached a screenshot thanks
  10. Maya 2014 linux mint batch render

    Ok so it was really stupid, for some reason my "maya" file in /bin folder was called maya2014. Renaming it back to maya solved everything.. sorry for posting maya related stuff here, but seems like autodesk community is not that helpful. Anyway, thanks a lot symek!
  11. Maya 2014 linux mint batch render

    Some more info. mayaRenderLog Mon Nov 18 16:58:23 GMT 2013 Starting "/usr/autodesk/maya2014-x64/bin/maya" Cannot start maya And Script Editor BatchRender; // Saving temporary file: /test/untitled__3348.mb // // Rendering with Maya Software... // // Rendering Completed. See mayaRenderLog.txt for information. //
  12. Maya 2014 linux mint batch render

    I've tried all sorts of things. If I type ./Render, I get "Missing file name". Another thing is that If I remove "Render" file from /bin folder, and try to batch render, it has no effect whatsoever. Isn't it supposed to try to execute it? Seems like there's a missing connection or something. Really hard to troubleshoot without linux experience.
  13. Maya 2014 linux mint batch render

    I already did, two days before posting here. Didn't get any reply there, that's why I decided to try my luck here.
  14. Hey everyone, I've been trying to find the solution for the past few days, with no luck eventually decided to ask here. As I think people here have a lot of experience with linux. So basically I manually installed maya on linux mint and everything is working, except batch render. I think that it has to do something with symbolic linking, although I have no idea how it fix it. My linux experience is 4 days. If I go to autodesk/maya2014/bin and open terminal, type Render --help, I get nothing, it says file was not found, but it's there. I have changed permissions, executed chmod 777 and everything. When I try to batch render, it instantly says Render is complete, please check your log file, but nothing is actually rendered. If anyone could give me some insight, I'd really appreciate that! Thank you