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  1. Just guessing here but isn't that kinda the same as just deleting the point, since a point cant exist without a position?
  2. Modulating Motion Blur

    Theres a parameter you can add on the Mantra ROP thats called something like ”shutter shape”. That gives you a ramp where you can say when the shutter is open or closed.
  3. "opinput:1" to operator full path

    Not sure how else to do it, but in a wrangle do " s@test = chs("test"); " and then you can use the expression " `opinputpath(".", 0)` " in the parameter.
  4. Yeah I agree, it would simplify things sometimes when you need N for something else.
  5. Bullet sim blows up with targetw/spinresist

    Hey, yeah, the problem is that I don't use it as a drag per se. I'm trying to rotate my pieces to align with an SDF (essentially using the SDF gradient as a reference 'up'). It worked quite well calculating a targetw to make it rotate to that position, and then spinresist for how strongly to match that given rotation. Well that is except the fractured stuff blows up . Do you know of a better way to accomplish this? Like give it a vector and hey you should align with this. Maybe I could try setting 'w' directly.
  6. Bullet sim blows up with targetw/spinresist

    Seems to work a lot better if I increase the mass of the pieces, but its still weird.
  7. I'm trying to set 'targetw' and 'spinresist' on my pieces in a bullet sim. It works fine if I just use a box, but as soon as I fracture the box the sim suddenly blows up and the pieces go to position "NaN". Am I missing something or is this a bug? Has anyone seen this before? Scene showing the problem: bulletBlowsUp.hip
  8. How to skip network levels?

    Heya! You can specify that in Type Properties -> Node -> Dive Target. If you check the type properties on the Solver SOP you can see that the 'd/s' is both the dive target and editable.
  9. Random spheres at render time

    You have some unconnected points, and they will render as spheres with pscale 1 by default. Fuse SOP can solve it.
  10. P and N AOVs

    Export those in the shaders for the objects you want to show up and create a new image plane using that instead.
  11. Show curve thickness in viewport

    On the Geo node; Misc -> Shade Open Curves In Viewport. Also make sure that Display Options -> Geometry -> Shade Open Curves is turned on.
  12. 'Add Attribute' simply adds an attribute. If you want to write to an existing attribute either use 'Set Attribute' or 'Bind'.
  13. Resetting the Viewport

    Very useful and works really well! Thanks!
  14. Package the vops into a material, then you can promote the parameter like normal.
  15. On the Geometry ROP you have Pre-Render Script, you can write hscript there (or change to python) to make it change the parameter on your Switch. I dont have the syntax in my head but i can look it up tomorrow if you dont get it working.