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  1. Depends on what you mean exactly. In your example you can create a detail attribute and grab it in the parameter with expression, for example: detail(opinputpath(".", 0), "amount", 0) That will grab the value of detail attribute called "amount" from the node that is connected in the input.
  2. Game of Life Algorithm - Open CL vs VEX

    The OpenCL node errors in your scene for some reason (im on 18.0.416), so can't test. But your problem is most likely reading and writing to the same attribute in the same kernel. You want to use a Write Back Kernel for this. If you hover over the "Use Write Back Kernel" it explains a bit what happens.
  3. How to get correct Motion Blur

    For most volumes you will need a velocity volume and use velocity blur. For this case you could also create the volume -> pack it (Pack SOP) -> then move it with a Transform SOP. The transformation data will then be on the packed object and it will blur correctly.
  4. smoke has a hairy look

    I think the main problem is that you are adding disturbance everywhere all the time. A popular method is to use the speed of the velocity field as a control field for example, so you scale the disturbance amount with how fast the smoke is moving.
  5. How to get correct Motion Blur

    For Deformation Motion Blur (stuff happening in SOPs), you have to set "Geo Time Samples" to at least 2 on the Mantra ROP.
  6. smoke has a hairy look

    Too much disturbance probably.
  7. Procedural Potion Bottle Tool

    It's because the ramp is a float. You are saying that vector = float. If you skip the ramp and do vector hillProb = rand(seed+2); you will get a random vector.
  8. You mean you are flipbooking while simming? You could try the "Leave Playbar at Last Frame" on the flipbook options.
  9. Accessing ptnum on a wrangle

    There is a preset on the point wrangle to grab second input attribute by id:
  10. GTX 1080 may be crashing sims?

    It's actually an eighth of that, around 200 million voxels. Keep in mind the resolution of the volumes is particle separation * gridscale.
  11. Force render even if missing objects

    Set the "Missing Frame" option to No Geometry on the file cache.
  12. How find "Cracked Edge" ?

    I gave it a try, might not work on more complex geo but it works on your box . I find the unconnected points based on normals, and then put those points into the original primitives and rebuild them. I did something similar a while ago where I had lots of curves making up a tree. The branches wasn't attached to the branch before it, so I needed to find a way to connect the base point of a curve into the middle of another curve where there wasn't a point to attach to. That was curves and this is not, but it seems to work well for this too, albeit I turn the polygons to curves and then back to polygons. dv_CrackedEdge.hipnc