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  1. Delete volume attribute

    It's worth mentioning that those aren't really attributes, but rather volumes - a type of geometry (usually a box of voxels, voxel = 3d pixel). Thats why you couldn't delete it with an Attribute Delete SOP, and as you found out, you have to delete them in the same way you would delete a polygon for example.
  2. Get a specific vector from a vector array

    Since you are running on detail, and the array is a point attribute, you need to use point(). point(input, "attribute", point number)[array index] v@vect = point(0, "vel", 963723)[0];
  3. Clean skin issue from two similar curves

    Seems to work if you put down a PolyPath SOP after the Sort SOP and then just adjust the Offset on the Sort SOP so it matches up.
  4. Stiffness, vellum vs wire solver

    I haven't used vellum much and I'm trying to simulate a tree with curves - but I'm having trouble making the curves stiff. The solution seems to be to increase the Substeps and/or Constraint Iterations on the vellum solver, but doing that it gets quite slow very fast. In the test here I don't have that many points but it plays at just 10 fps. Comparing with the wire solver, where it's easy to get the stiffness without slowing down too much. In the test I get it stiffer than vellum and it still plays at 25 fps. Am I missing something or does anyone have any ideas? wirevellum.hip
  5. Group

    Measure the primitives and delete the longest ones. Then you could group them by connectivity.
  6. Stiffness, vellum vs wire solver

    So I'm not crazy then Thanks Thomas! That looks cool btw!
  7. Multi-Shader RBD sim, diffuse to Cd

    It's pretty straight forward, like Dominik said: mattextopoint.hipnc
  8. Having subdivide issues

    You can also enable "Override Crease Weight Attribute" and drag the slider
  9. Having subdivide issues

    Try changing the Algorithm on the Subdivide SOP. Use the Houdini or Mantra one, not OpenSubdiv.
  10. A question about crowd transitions

    Yes you are right. Creating Clip A -> Clip B only allows it to go from A to B, but not B to A. So you need to set up Clip B -> Clip A too.
  11. Large Text in network view

    Create a sticky note. Right-click and "Set Text Size" and "Hide Background".
  12. You could use the Trigger CHOP for this VexTriggeredAnimation_1.hipnc
  13. Opencl Functions

    If you look at the top it says: #include <xnoise.h> #include <interpolate.h> These are files on disk with additional functions, like the noise or 'fitTo01'. They're located in Houdini 18.0.287/houdini/ocl/include. I don't think you can sample other geometry with volumesample or point clouds with opencl, you have to specify everything you want to use in the kernel under the Bindings tab.
  14. crowd test transitions

    If you look at the transition graph, there is no connection between "idle_3" and "idle_to_walk" - so that transition is not possible. Thats why it doesnt work. To get the best results I would turn off "Compute Transition Graph" on the Agent Clip Transition Graph SOP, and set up all the transitions manually (clicking the + for Extra Transitions).
  15. Timeshift in loop not working

  16. Open Gl Render without Lighting

    Remove the lights from "Candidate Lights" on the OpenGL ROP.
  17. For a square it's quite simple. Measure the perimeter and divide it by the number of edges (4) to get the length of each edge. Or measure the area and take the root of that. It's not as simple for a rectangle, there you could instead use Convert Line SOP. It will convert the edges to a line and give you the length in "restlength".
  18. Add some lights. Just rendering with the headlight essentially removes all shadows and therefor all details.
  19. alembic objects into copy to points

    1. The blast node is just grabbing a point attribute and blasting away all points that doesnt have that number. So if my point has choose = 1, it will keep the packed geo that has ptnum =1. The spare input is necessary when you need to reference another node in a compiled block. You cant reference other nodes through expressions like you normally would, but a spare input acts like another input to the node. So in this case I can fetch a point attribute from another node without breaking the compile. 2. Compiled blocks especially helps with foreach blocks, because on the last node of the foreach you can check the checkbox ”multithread when compiled” - which makes the whole thing multithreaded. Not all nodes are able to be compiled, and sometimes you have to do things like the spare input-thing. But especially for cases like this its blazing fast for copystamping stuff. Theres a masterclass for compiled blocks that explains it pretty good i think if you search for it! Sorry im on the phone but hopefully it makes sense!
  20. alembic objects into copy to points

    Something like this? Kinda straightforward: copystuff.hip
  21. This is the first result on google, so just wanted to tell that it is possible since H15: https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/news/15/dynamics.html I also haven't found a better way, but if you change the bullet_georep during the simulation you need to reset the "id" attribute for it to work properly. For example I'm emitting stuff as "convexhull", and when they reach a certain threshold I switch them to "box". At the same time as I set bullet_georep to "box", I also set id = -1 (only once, when the change happens) to make it force update. This will of course create a new set of ids on our packed prims (they will change), so be careful if you use it to identify a specific packed prim later on - either set up a new static index in another attribute or use name.
  22. Its missing because you dont have the 'v' attribute on the incoming geometry.
  23. I mean, it works, but if they're not interacting with eachother it's better to keep in separate dopnets. If you would want to send this to a farm for example, you are forced to run both sims on 1 computer. With 2 dopnets you could run them in parallell on 2 computers.