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  1. Rising wax from candle

    Well, I have to say that the effect you want to achieve is of high complexity and time consuming. If you want to do it all procedurally you will have to think about the fact that the grouping happens every frame. So you will get a bit of jittering. When does a particle belong to a group or another. So an easier way to go would be to actually pre-define the grouping of these particles when they are emitted. Anyhow This would need a bit of testing from my end if you can't find in the forum someone who has done something similar. I am afraid I won't have the time to do that just now. Maybe in the week-end. We will see
  2. water man Effects

    Nothing I can show up at the moment. I will see if I find the time to set-up a scene on the week-end. What have you tried so far?
  3. Houdini Flip for small fluids (bottle)??

    Well, scaling it up is not a bad idea at all. As long as you keep in mind that your forces will change and so on. Scaling it up pre-sim, changing the "spartial scale" value in the flip-solver(Tab Volume motion , Tab Solver) also a bit of tweaking to your forces, time scale, and so on. Sometimes I don't even change the spartial scale and just play with the forces in the Sim to achieve the wanted effect. But yeah don't touch the SPH-solver. So yeah, what I am trying to say is that the main idea of scaling it up is not bad. But as Javier was saying how you adjust your sim in order to match your ref will always be a different struggle.
  4. Hi Gray Yu! It is working just fine, make sure the pscale attribute is the same for all the particles. And yeah, try not sending files with take overrides and so on. I copied your scene and just had a quick look. It worked just fine. EDIT* Btw, your render-flag was on the grid hence you were only rendering it and not the particles. Cheers addPoint_render_huds.hip
  5. Rising wax from candle

    Hi Eckhart! I took a quick look into your scene. Did some changes (in green). Since we are doing everything in particle level instead of fields it quite slow. A good thing would be to try doing all that using fields instead(But that is a different subject) Anyhow there is a sticker in the scene saying this: For the killing: have a look into pop-kill Add an if-statement instead or you can set the dead attribute to 1 instead Grouping: for the gorup thingy you could go with the npointsgroup() -VEX expression to find out the nr of points in a group use a pop drag or a popspeed_limit or a nvel field to adjust the speed of your groups Cheers, Huds *Edit- The file ofc Candle_Candle01_06_huds.hiplc
  6. water man Effects

    The first thing I would try would be to advect either the vel field or the particles itself with a pyro sim. Quick way to control and iterate. the main movement by just looking into a quick simulated pyro sim instead of alow-res flip sim. Most of these motions actually look like a smoke sim. At the end you will just have to experiment when to advect, when to let the gravity take over and so on *Edit: And if you have fast moving objects like in the clip. Try simulating them in origo (more control and quicker). Thereafter transform them back in position using alembic X-form or matrix transformation or however you want I hope this help
  7. after your facet(or in it) create point normals(Make sure to check "unique points" in the facet-SOP), thereafter promote N to primitives(attribute promote-SOP) and then in a attribute wrangle-SOP run over points but type this: v@P += v@N *rand(@primnum)*2; should work
  8. Hello! Btw, I think you forgot to attach the "sprinkler.bgeo". Anyhow the only problem is that you are overriding your particles velocity by (@v= -@N;) all the time since the particles inherit the N form the source and it will be constant. To avoid that I usually create a "Birth group" (found in the POP-source under the Birth-tab). Now you can choose that group on your "popwrangle1" node. So the particles will only get that velocity once spawned (That is the only iteration the particle will be included in the birth-group). A simpler way of doing what you want to achieve would be if you used a pointwrangle-SOP with the same code (@v= -@N;) on your source before DOPs. And adjust the "inherit velocity" in the POP-source node under the tab "Attributes" Good luck!
  9. Flip collision problem.Help me please !

    a not so unusual problem my friend I usually do as Pradeep Barua recommend, don't use reseed particles hence you will be getting rid of those in voxels to dense with particles. And if you change your particle radius Scale to 2 you will smooth out the shape of your mesh a bit but it will help to keep the volume. I got the sim stable with 0.025 particle separation (half yours) 2 Particle Radius Scale and turned off reseeding.
  10. Soft Toy VDBs

    Nice work man! This turned out great

    1. Hudson


      Hej DayVIIID

  12. Rotating around velocity vector

    Hi tom! First of all my particles never flipped around and behaved weird as you said it would when I disabled the "rotate1" -VOP. Maybe you shared an older version of the scene? Anyhow I multiplied the orient created in POPs (just a rotation around the Z-axis) with your lookat-VOP. You can do that rotation after the sim as well. I hope this helps Now have a nice weekend rotateAroundVelocity_Fixed.hipnc
  13. Pop align to ground when hit

    I realised my hip, didn't give you a perfect result. Altough you can use it as a start. or it will give you an idea on how to begin
  14. Pop align to ground when hit

    Hello, Here is a simple solution that works alright. cheers, Huds Hip-file is now attached. Sorry went away during the weekend and just saw your post. If you dont have figured it out already here is the hip. I even double-checked if the file was attached on last post. But I was mistaken :/ Confettis_falling_oriented.hipnc
  15. wow nice! I didn't knew. I guess one learn stuff everyday