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  1. Create A Nurbs curve from VEX

    How can i make a "nurbs" curve from within vex without using a convert sop. Cheers
  2. Extract Transform VEX Variant

    I'm trying to replicate the 'align' node with VEX. What I'm looking for is simple matrix transform extraction with few reference point positions. The goal is to calculate a rotation/translation matrix from between the actual geo and rest. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks guys, was actually looking for setattribtypeinfo. Need this to write alembics, as that changes the alembic type for that attribute too.
  4. In Vex I create a vector as following: v@test = set(1,2,3); However this results in vector with indexes (test[0], test[1], test[2]) How do I have it so that i actually uses literals (test[x], test[y], test[z])
  5. Too less information to solve your problem from my standpoint, do you have an example file?
  6. How to use the new For Loop SOP?

    Anyone a good example for a nested loop?
  7. From what I can see, the convex hull node doesn't work with flat surfaces like grids. As soon as I pick a random point and move it slightly in Y, it works. Is this a bug?
  8. I have a very large Volume (1000, 500, 500) where i move through with the camera. Rather then creating a big Volume i tiled my volume into 20 Volumes, which i arranged on a line. Is this a bad idea when rendering? How is mantra dealing with seperately loaded Volumes and one big Volume?
  9. The "Relative to Bounding Box" Node in the vopsop is not doing what i would expect from this node, to give the relative Position of a Point in World-Space to the Origin of the Bounding Box. So When creating a grid at (0,0,0) after this node, nothing should change? relativeToBound.hipnc
  10. Can you elaborate a bit more? a screenshot?
  11. Hi Arthur, i didn't check it out , possible to provide a video as well?
  12. I just used a very simple formula http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trajectory_of_a_projectile to calculate the trajectory of a projectile, when angle and target is given and velocity is searched. It seems to work, but i have slight errors, this error is getting more if the distance is higher. Any suggestions? Regards TrajectoryCalculation.hipnc
  13. Copy Sop, Keep Detail Attribute

    Detail Attributes from the second input, AttribPromote sounds like an workaround, i want to use the benefits of global variables, which are light-weight. promoting it to primitives would generate redundant information. The Detail Attribute in my case is just a string, which holds the originalfilename, so that i can later export with this same filename.
  14. Hi, really simple Question, i am loosing Detail-Attributes after copy-sop, what do i need to keep it? Regards