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  1. Heart beat - Houdini FEM test

    Yeah there should be some secondry motion too. I am still working to refine it and hopefully incorporate other things.
  2. Heart beat - Houdini FEM test

    Thanks Zoki. Will definetly look into this.
  3. Heart beat - Houdini FEM test

    Thanks Marty, This is very useful. Very good technique though.
  4. Heart beat - Houdini FEM test

    Oh never heard and used inflate. I can look into that. Any tips for them?
  5. Heart beat - Houdini FEM test

    Hi Gui, yes I tried blendshapes. But I was not getting the seamless connection between animated part and rest geometry. With FEM I get advantage of damping and constraint. I am still learning and trying to refine it more.
  6. Here is a WIP of a project I am doing for a healthcare firm. Any feedback & pointers are welcome. https://vimeo.com/120359512
  7. Houdini messed up menus

    Hi Mangi, These are my specs of graphics card. Have a look.
  8. Hi, I am using Houdini on my windows and I am getting weird messed up or invisible menu. I works good when I restart but after couple of minutes it become same. I tried with different version and formatted my system to. Any fix to this?
  9. fire embers

    having similar issues :/
  10. Houdini flip fluid size

    Hi, I am trying to emit flip fluids from a tube. Its working fine but when I decrease the radius of tube the size of fluid remains same. I am using a sphere to emit fluid. I tries reducing sphere size but it didnt work. How to reduce the size of fluid?