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  1. houdini theme

    I was walking by a buddies machine the other day, and saw this as his houdini UI theme. I asked if he would share it. so here it is Slate_houdiniTheme.zip
  2. Hi there, I've used takes to help setup a simulation. Now that I have the sim the way I want, I would like to just get rid of all the extra takes, but resolve the take parameters for a particular take into the main scene take. Does that make any sense? I know I can just copy over the parameters manually, but there's gotta be a quicker way, and without missing a parameter. I don't see a way to do this in the take manager, unless im missing something Thanks!
  3. houdini theme

    Cool, although the point of the slate theme was to remove the orange accent. That is literally the best part of it. Did you think it was a mistake?
  4. houdini theme

    I'm blown away that this is becoming a popular theme. Especially 4 years after it's creation. Glad to know its working well for H16. Maybe SE will adopt it, and make it standard...? Cheers!
  5. ERROR: Invalid Machine Name

    Hello, I recently intalled a new motherboard, and am unable to re-install my apprentice license. I tried doing this: Sometimes the SERVER key may become invalid if you change the computer name or upgrade your hardware. Changing the computer name is not advisable unless all the licenses have been returned. Most common reason for invalid SERVER key, then, is hardare upgrade that changes the server code (server id). To install a new valid SERVER key for your computer, please follow these steps: Open the License Administrator (hkey) Select File -> Install Licenses Log in In the dialog box click on the "Licenses" tab Select the checkbox to reinstall the SERVER key Press Install button This should reinstall the new SERVER key for your computer. My computer's name hasn't changed, and unfortunately for me, both "install licenses" and "manually enter keys" are greyed out (unselectable). I've alos tried deleting evey houdini file I can find, and reinstalling, but somehow the problem still persists. there's got to be a hidden file somewhere... I should note, I'm running 12.5.427 on CentOS 6.4 w/apprentice licensing Thanks!
  6. houdini theme

    you still need to tell houdini to use the theme. it's called ' slate', and will be next to 'dark' and 'light'
  7. houdini theme

    wow, this is really old. haha. files go here: C:\Users\username\Documents\houdini15.0\config
  8. is sesinetd running in the activity monitor? under 'all processes'? did you run the installer as root?
  9. Bullet collisions

    everything everyone has said is spot on. Animated static objects are basically popping into place each frame. There's no interpolation. It may help to append a timewarp sop to your cache, with "interger frames' unticked, and $FF instead of $F for the frame expression. Then up the substeps on the dopnet itself. That way, at least your feeding interpolated data into the static object, so the substepping will be more accurate. Also, scene scale is not very important, and obviously animated static objects have no mass. So a really big dynamic chunk hitting a really small animated static object is gonna look really weird in regards to mass. also try not using static solver, and just use an rbd object, or fracture object, turn off 'create active object', and turn on 'use deforming geometry', and feed that through the bullet solver with all the active objects.
  10. data compression

    I almost always have an attribute node (removing unnecessary attributes) right before any ROP outputs, and in some cases a group node, removing excess groups. I usually use .bgeo.gz to save on disk space. File sizes can get out of hand fast without compression IMO.
  11. chronosculpt

    some new tech coming from newtek. I know some of you guys are lightwave artists also. This is some rather interesting software for resculpting/shaping a geometry cache. what, what, waht? check out the videos. It's seems pretty cool. anyone have any experience with it yet? https://www.lightwav...m/chronosculpt/
  12. quick questions about voronoi + geometry lights

    Maybe there's a better way, but since voronoi creates inside and outside prmitive groups. You could separate the two groups into their own geometry. Simply object merge it into a new geometry object, and then delete the outside group. then just assign the object light to the inside face geometry.
  13. H13 Sneak Peek #2

    Wow! Yes, yes, and more yes.
  14. Chop channels

    Hey all, I'm trying to get more into both chops, and creating hda's in general. I thought creating a camera shake asset would be a good place to start, as it can start very simple, and gradually get more complex. I have things off to a good start I think (with my limited experience), but I'm hitting some walls trying to make everything as procedural as possible. Right now, I use the input camera's translation and rotations, apply the chops, then export it out to a different camera. I'd like to not have to use a different camera, but rather, just export/override the original camera animation with the updated shakey animation, and this is where i'm stuck. I know I can easily right click on a channel, and choose 'create clip', which creates the chop net, with a channel chop, and the corresponding channel(s). I can't really figure out how it reads the original camera's animation into the channel chops 'values'. It seems like it just copies the keyframes into it. So I guess I'm just looking for the best way to make this more procedural. also, sometimes when I change, or modify the parm interface. it makes my chop net no longer function correctly, and I have to click through each node, one by one for them to update. I must be doing something wrong, or is this normal behavior? If I change the display name for a parm, everything stops working, then I click though each chop, and it works again. I don't think I'm bringing things into chops correctly. A little explanation to clear things up would be super heplful and much appreciated! Thanks! CameraShake_v01.hip
  15. Chop channels

    Okay so i've managed to clean up/get rid of a few nodes. But I'm starting to rethink the camera thing. Without defeat, maybe it is best to have a seperate camera for the shaking, and just pass all the camera parms to it. That way, It's still really easy to animate the original camera, and see the shake side by side. Anyone else have any thoughts? Here's the camShake asset i'm working on slightly updated. I'm still having issues with the parameter interface and chops though. It seems that when I add/modify the paramter interface on my subnet, the fetch nodes within chops stop updating. CameraShake_v02.hip
  16. Hey all, I've been doing a bit of caching lately, both bgeo's and alembic, and had a few questions about where other people where using them in the pipeline. Alembic obviously works great for getting data in/out of other apps. But for just houdini, is it better to use bgeos? Also, is it better to be rendering bgeo's instead of alembic files? If I have a couple 80gb alembic files in a scene, and I shoot that over to a render farm, is each render node loading each entire alembic file per frame? I'm fairly certain that a render node will keep the scene open inbetween frames, so does it only load them once? It seems a bgeo sequence would be better, since it only is loading what it needs per frame/per render node? Thanks for any info!
  17. alembics for rendering

    Thanks Szymon, that makes a lot of sense. I think I need to research alembic a bit more. I wonder why they decided to keep alembic self contained, as opposed to a file sequence. This get's me pointed in the right direction though. Best!
  18. simple question...

    sop solver works great for this stuff. simple_gluetest_sopsolver.hip
  19. VDB deep raster matte?

    np, deep compositing is really useful. Nuke makes it super easy, and has some additional tools for working with deep data. a 20 minute tutorial and your set. goodluck!
  20. VDB deep raster matte?

    Deep camera maps (DCM's) alleviate the need for rendering out extra mattes/holdouts. Maybe that will help you instead...?
  21. If your time shifting the live simulation, there shouldn't be any gimbal issues. Gimbal locks lives in the middle axis of an Euler rotation order. That's quite the slow down, stretching 3 frames into 100. You would have to have a ridiculous fps to support that, if that's the route your trying to take. I would still try time shifting the live sim, so at least the time shift cooks what it needs, instead of just simming extra frames. Or maybe, instead of trying to retime the slow parts, run your sim at the slow speed, and retime the normal/fast moving parts. That way, you'd be dropping frames, instead of trying to add/interpolate new ones. I guess it's all situational. If only you could key the timescale on the dopnet, lol.
  22. Hi, I know how you feel. For simple little tests, timeshifting the live simulation works fine. but for more complex simulations, that workflow just doesn't really cut it. I usually will use the timeshift sop with my cache to get the 'slowmotion' look right. not worrying about the stepping between frames. You can still get things animated with it, and it's relatively quick. Since the timeshift sop cooks it's input accordingly, feeding it a cache obviously doesnt yield good results. So use it after the dopimport sop, and by using 'explicit cache' on the dop net, and caching substep data, the timeshift sop seems to only cook what it doesnt already have from the explicit cache. you may have to constantly reset the dopnet, to clear it's own cache, in order to let the timeshift sop cook the "new frames". Hope that makes sense, or helps at all! goodluck! edit: otherwise, depending on your sim I suppose. you could use chops to extract the transforms, and export the channel data back into the rbd's. Since you'd now have interpolated f-curves, retiming would be a snap. But, you may run into some nasty gimbal lock, and it may not be that accurate, since everything is interpolated from the original motion. I dunno.
  23. I can't speak much to speeding up mantra, or the errors yours recieving. But perhaps this will help with your swap issues. http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2007/07/02/swapboost-v01alpha-early-testers-wanted/ basically, it's a script you run that uses a usb thumb drive as extra swap space. super easy
  24. resize container and -Y

    Hey Guys, I'm working on a fairly large pyro sim, and I can't seem to get the resize container DOP to do what I want. Basically, I'd just like it to not resize into -Y. I'm running into lots of empty voxels below my groundplane, and would just like the bottom of the container, clamped to the ground. In Maya, I can do this by making -Y a closed boundry, and turning off "resize closed boundries" It seems like in H, If I attempt this, it still resizes my closed boundry, and pushed down into -Y. Thanks for the help!
  25. Anyone use the Deadline farm manager?

    their support team is great. Edwin has helped me out a number of times. Even if your just using demo license. I'd shoot them an email first. You can also obtain the deadline 6 trial through sales. 6 is much better than 5 imho of course. Especially if your farm also renders maya scenes. The maya batch plugin in 6 is solid. while not as elegant, I'm sure your aware you can submit houdini renders from within deadline also. so in a pinch...