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  1. How to stop emission of smoke?

    another method is to................................... why do you need so many methods? just use the ones posted
  2. Still learning

    tree looks real
  3. Learning Curve of Popular 3D Software

    I chose to learn houdini because of small download size, I am happy I never chose any other one.
  4. Recreate C4D Push Apart Effector

    sound will need chops
  5. How to deform animated geometry

    have rest position apply deformations to that
  6. Spiral Unrolling / Rolling Animation

    Thanks, I will try to do this effect to rolls of different number of corners like hexagons etc
  7. Can someone show me how to do the second animation within 3D environment of Houdini?
  8. 2D dynamics

    constraint Z axis so it does not move
  9. Laptop for Houdini

    workstations like dell m4800, m3800 hp zbook lenovo w series etc
  10. Chops increasing value

    wave chop has ramp/slope parameter which can do something similar, try gaussian wave
  11. Draw Curves Like After Effects?

    houdini can draw that sort of curves in channel editor, question is how to bring that data onto points. maybe point SOP using x position from channels $F and y position from channels value, all referencing point numbers
  12. SOP animation in DOPs

    hey somebody has tried to solve this? I just want the rotation to be $F on X axis and position be controlled by RBD solver. I tried to simulate a rotating wheel through this but couldn't do it
  13. Helix Along Curve

    wire capture wire deform etc
  14. bend falloff

    why not use bones with wirecapture?