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  1. just thought a new method and it works and is very simple. see attached file its deleting the point numbered the current frame movealongcurve.hip
  2. something that likes to swim

  3. "up" like balloons setup

    not yet
  4. How to stop emission of smoke?

    another method is to................................... why do you need so many methods? just use the ones posted
  5. Still learning

    tree looks real
  6. Learning Curve of Popular 3D Software

    I chose to learn houdini because of small download size, I am happy I never chose any other one.
  7. Recreate C4D Push Apart Effector

    sound will need chops
  8. How to deform animated geometry

    have rest position apply deformations to that
  9. Spiral Unrolling / Rolling Animation

    Thanks, I will try to do this effect to rolls of different number of corners like hexagons etc
  10. Can someone show me how to do the second animation within 3D environment of Houdini?
  11. 2D dynamics

    constraint Z axis so it does not move
  12. Laptop for Houdini

    workstations like dell m4800, m3800 hp zbook lenovo w series etc
  13. Chops increasing value

    wave chop has ramp/slope parameter which can do something similar, try gaussian wave