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  1. VEX Function Source Code

    Thanks, that's good to know.
  2. VEX Function Source Code

    Like xnoise, and other noise functions. Are those in header files?
  3. VEX Function Source Code

    Is there a way to find the source code for a specific built-in VEX function?
  4. Instance Time offset

    How to do time stamp on instances(not copy)
  5. Thank you all! I want to know the limits with specific amount of memory, and how to pre-calculate the amount of memory needed to render giving amount of particles. So where can i find those informations?
  6. I have a flip simulation cached out as points only, and there are round 13 million particles per frame, i want to bump up the particle count at render time with point replicate procedural, say about 100 times more. So the total particles to be rendered will exceed 1 billion. Unfortunately, mantra can't handle such amount of particles, and houdini crashes. By the way, i have 64g ram. So is it possible to render such massive particles under 64g of ram. What is the maximum particle count mantra can handle giving that 64g of ram.
  7. Realistic Dynamic Fracturing with Bullet

    I kind of made it work, however,i have to set both bullet substeps and constraint iterations up to 40 to get proper bending result. is it true for your setup?
  8. Sand blowing over sand dunes

    Thanks for sharing, really nice techniques! I'd like to see what will happen if combined this technique with flip simulation!
  9. Realistic Dynamic Fracturing with Bullet

    question for the rebar part, are you selectively recreating according to some conditions or recreating all of them. if doing selectively, how do you pick the right pair of pieces?