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  1. as you can see in image below , I want make the i1 (index) incremenal with VOP for loop . how's the workflow , please show me with another simple sample.
  2. action for the values outside the find attribute value array

    thank you but your code doesn't work, I want to scale the point with random_number attribute that equal with 3 by specific_pscale slider and the rest of the points with the rest slider. I'm tested the find, find returns the index of certain value in the array
  3. as you can see the code below: i[]@values = findattribval(0,"point","random_number",3); for(int i = 0 ; i < len(@values) ; i++) { if(@ptnum == @values[i]) { @pscale = ch('specific_pscale'); } else { if(@ptnum != @values[i]) @pscale = ch('rest'); } } the second if inside the else doesn't work properly. Specific_pscale.hip
  4. Pre-solve Post-solve

    Thank you guys
  5. Pre-solve Post-solve

    what are exactly the pre-solve and post-solve input of popsolver ? there isn't any explanation about these input in the documentation?
  6. Playpack simulation doesn't work

  7. Playpack simulation doesn't work

    I simulated a simple particle and I saved the .sim files with output node inside dop, I used $F to save simulation files, but when I enable the playback simulation nothing happens, it can't play the cached files what's the problem?
  8. what is intrinsic in VEX?

    some function like below one: setprimintrinsic() carry the intrinsic with themselves, what are they, and how we can use them?
  9. I'm gonna use nearpoint with the position of add+transform. int point = nearpoint(0,v@opinput1_P,1); if(point == @ptnum) { @Cd = {1,0,0}; } but it doesn't work.
  10. iterate over certain points

    thank you for all answers. the simplest way was: i[]@pts = neighbours(0,0); foreach(int i ; @pts) { if(i == @ptnum) { @P.y = 1; } }
  11. iterate over certain points

    your code doesn't work
  12. iterate over certain points

    I have this code below: i[]@TP = neighbours(0,0); foreach(int i ; @TP) { @P.y = 1; } how can I tell Houdini to just move the points insideTP array? foreach move all the points.
  13. volume of an object affect on your effect

    thank you
  14. volume of an object affect on your effect

    thank you so much, but you didn't get me. I want this effect (the wave) to occur inside the sphere, and outside the sphere nothing happens. the sphere act like an effector in cinema4D.