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  1. how to use an attribute in a parameter?

    I have an attribute, I want to use that attribute value for a parameter, what should I do?
  2. PC.hip as you can see in the images below when I connect the position of the second input pc doesn't work correctly , what did I do wrong? and what's the warning in the last image? PC.hip
  3. PC find vs PC find radius

    what's the difference between pc find and pc find radius in action ?
  4. is there anyone to know the workflow of pcopen and iterate with new houdini version?
  5. in depth tutorial for point cloud in vops

    Depth means to find the basics and put them together and make a complicated things
  6. in depth tutorial for point cloud in vops

    Hey guys , I need a good resource to learn point cloud in vops with basic examples , Plz help me Best regards.
  7. array value increment doesn't work in VOP

    could you make it and share with me please
  8. array value increment doesn't work in VOP

    are there any answers to this?
  9. array value increment doesn't work in VOP

    why my while loop just pass the whole 9 times loop result to the last element of my array? ArrayValueIncrementQuestion.hip
  10. While loop in VOP

    thank you , we should use a compare and connect to the end while node condition , that was my mistake
  11. While loop in VOP

    how does while loop work in VOP?
  12. invert exponential

    how can I invert exponential in attributeVOP?
  13. Verify that pcclose() is called

    So when we need pc iterarte?
  14. Verify that pcclose() is called

    why it gives me this error? and how to solve that?