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  1. Using external IDE?

    can I put them inside my PYTHONPATH?
  2. Using external IDE?

    how can I use external IDE to code python? vscode or sublime text
  3. bring data from a dopnetwork to another

    I have a pile of sand simulated with grain. I want to use the initial state for the sand and afterward use rbd to interact with the sand but the problem is, when I use the initial state nothing work inside the dopnetwork anymore. I think there a way to bring the grain data to another dopnetwork or I must do something else?
  4. How do I achieve this effect?

  5. duplicated object as a fracture

    how can I convert a duplicated object a separated objects to work as fracture object inside DOP NETWORK? Duplicated_Objects_as_Fractured.hip
  6. object vs data in DOP network

    are there any good resources to explain these two subject? object - data what are they exactly and what they do inside DOP network? any pages of documentation or any piece of information you give me is acceptable
  7. How do I achieve this effect?

    ok first you should make a explosive smoke effect and then take the density data of that and convert that to polygon soup (I think with convert vdb) for the color you can use fuzzy input inside VOPs and create a range for changing colors and export that as an attribute , take that attribute and connect to the ramp node and connect the output to the Cd attribute inside Vops and done. your problem could be from several things. 1. your simulation parameter could be better to produce a softer smoke without any too much detail and 2.you can use smooth node to smooth things out. 3. but I assume your problem comes from your density data. don't use shredding for you smoke and turn of turbulence in your pyro solver and test and test and test with various parameters to get the look that ya want. 4. you should put a grid on your smoke and make the grid a collision object. 5. the shape of source for emitting smoke is really important , you think he used a circle or tube but the size of them is important maybe he change the tube size over time and ...
  8. this is the simplest way to stuck the particle to the surface or geometry points. just connect your geometry to point velocity node , it will enable the initial state in attribute tab of your pop source node ,choose stuck from drop down menu and done. Stuck_In_Simlest_Form.hip
  9. local variable explain

    is there any explanation on local variable in houdini doc?
  10. fuzzy obstacle sense

    is there anyone who knows how does the fuzzy obstacle sense node work? I need a simple example
  11. how to use an attribute in a parameter?

    finally, someone answered my question in detail, thannnnnnnnnnnnnnnkkkkkk youuuuuu
  12. how to use an attribute in a parameter?

    I have an attribute, I want to use that attribute value for a parameter, what should I do?
  13. PC.hip as you can see in the images below when I connect the position of the second input pc doesn't work correctly , what did I do wrong? and what's the warning in the last image? PC.hip
  14. PC find vs PC find radius

    what's the difference between pc find and pc find radius in action ?