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  1. workflow of DOP SOP solver with broken group

    In the first paragraph, It said you can use a sop solver to trigger event such as emitting debris , how can I do that?
  2. workflow of DOP SOP solver with broken group

    thank you ,but that's not what i'm looking for, I couldn't use the broken group for my popnetwork
  3. OK I read the section , Thank you for informing us about broken group and sop solver DOP , but how can we do that? I need to know about workflow.
  4. How to use RBD constraints in DOP?

    I wonder how to import RBD constraint SOPs inside DOPNetwork ? for example RBD constraint line.
  5. what's the Geometry traversal's application in houdini?

    Thank you , you made my day
  6. what's the Geometry traversal's application in houdini?

    Could you show me a simple example?
  7. what's the Geometry traversal's application in Houdini? best regards.
  8. Making function for returning array doesn't work

    thank you so much
  9. why my code doesn't work as it said in doc? it says unexpected identifier
  10. Using external IDE?

    can I put them inside my PYTHONPATH?
  11. Using external IDE?

    how can I use external IDE to code python? vscode or sublime text
  12. bring data from a dopnetwork to another

    I have a pile of sand simulated with grain. I want to use the initial state for the sand and afterward use rbd to interact with the sand but the problem is, when I use the initial state nothing work inside the dopnetwork anymore. I think there a way to bring the grain data to another dopnetwork or I must do something else?
  13. How do I achieve this effect?

  14. duplicated object as a fracture

    how can I convert a duplicated object a separated objects to work as fracture object inside DOP NETWORK? Duplicated_Objects_as_Fractured.hip
  15. object vs data in DOP network

    are there any good resources to explain these two subject? object - data what are they exactly and what they do inside DOP network? any pages of documentation or any piece of information you give me is acceptable