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  1. stop condition for loop

    does anyone know what's the problem?
  2. stop condition for loop

    I did that, the expression successfully change the stop condition from 0 to 1 and vice versa, but the loop didn't stop.
  3. stop condition for loop

    As it says in the DOC, we can write an expression inside the stop condition field to stop the loop. OK, I used a npoints expression and I referred to the end-block node because it's the only node that accumulates the points and prims I think, but I get an infinite recursion error, Please help me. BEST REGARDS.
  4. animate line offset on copies

    If you know the concept of geometry for loop and how to use that, believe me, such things are so easy with geometry for loop. with geometry for loop you can create many complicated effects. For loop with time blend section, that's what you want
  5. How to use PC close in VOPs?

    as you can see in the image, everything is as said in the documentation. immediately after connecting the data socket of pcimport to bind export all the points disappear and I know I have to use the PC close node. But I don't know-how. PCclose_Question.hip
  6. Manipulating Camera RAYS in mantra

    as you can see in the image below, the massive gravitational energy of the black hole bend the fabric of universe, on of the way to create such a phenomena is to bend the rays that emit from camera to produce something link black hole effect. are there any vex function or vop node that can manipulate the camera rays in mantra? I was thinking about creating some curve and assign their tangent attribute to camera rays. is that possible? or I can create a fake geometry.
  7. removepoint problem

    I mean if you put 1 for third removepoint's parameter , the primitives according to that point should delete, removepoint didn't do that
  8. removepoint problem

    I have a resampled line and I'm gonna delete some points on that, why removepoint does not remove primitive anymore in houdini 19?
  9. why houdini can't show polygon primitives in the viewport on some pc. for example when the sphere is set to primitive , the viewport shows that sphere but when I change the parameter to polygon there's no sphere in the viewport anymore.
  10. Cost of simulation

    I'm a freelancer, I wanted to know how much is the cost of 1 minute simulation, I need a general answer. I know it depends on the type of simulation , and the complexity. But I want to have a price in my mind and then decide for my future projects.
  11. as you can see the title says my question.
  12. workflow of DOP SOP solver with broken group

    In the first paragraph, It said you can use a sop solver to trigger event such as emitting debris , how can I do that?
  13. workflow of DOP SOP solver with broken group

    thank you ,but that's not what i'm looking for, I couldn't use the broken group for my popnetwork
  14. OK I read the section , Thank you for informing us about broken group and sop solver DOP , but how can we do that? I need to know about workflow.
  15. How to use RBD constraints in DOP?

    I wonder how to import RBD constraint SOPs inside DOPNetwork ? for example RBD constraint line.