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  1. I created a python SOP_Node, there's a class inside that with a list class member, I want to create an array attribute for the node and put that list on the array attribute. I studied all the method that exists for creating attribute but I couldn't figure that out. Please help me. BEST REGARDS.
  2. I solved that myself and found a better way than a custom script. The solution is in the image below.
  3. HDAModule works with embedded scripts but my code is in an external python file when I add the file the event handler change to custom script and the custom script does not work with hdaModule().
  4. How can I reference a python file from HDA, I don't want all of my code to be in the HDA itself.
  5. This is the second time you saved me from a simple issue, I work with micro solvers easily , but always there are some simple issues that waste my time. thank you anyway.
  6. why does the collision act as a solid object despite not being solid. Am I doing something wrong?
  7. Thank you but how can I use material variation node for randomizing a material parameter per instances?
  8. how does the material variation node work in karma?
  9. As you can see in the image below. If the rigid body is on the left side of the merge node the rigid object doesn't obey the force of the flipfluid and if the rigid body is on the right side the behavior is odd. what's the correct workflow?
  10. Don't simulate pyro for this one, just use rasterize from attribute. In a large-scale explosion from a far distance, you can't see the smoke-like behavior of the explosion like the explosion of stars.
  11. I always have problems with motion blur for water surface mesh, One time I fixed that problem but I forgot that. as you can see I used a trail SOP to produce velocity for the mesh but the trail SOP creates velocity per point and that's why the motion blur is odd. How can I create proper motion blur for water surface mesh?
  12. How can I disable the volume visibility in karma?
  13. As you can see the surface filtering doesn't work due to a lack of level-set grid. Is there a node to change the VDB or add the level-set grid to a VDB?
  14. Changing the y-AXIS voxels is normal because all the fields are fixed to a reference field with gasmatchfield dop. Having an increase in particle numbers may be affected by reseeding.
  15. Why do repellants of whitewater only work with the guided ocean layer (ocean source node)? And it doesn't work with particle fluid tank
  16. Suppose you use DOPnetwork for simulation. That's easy, use the initial state. If you use Pyro solver sop, right click on the pyro solver and allow editing of contents, in that huge network select the DOPnetwork and use the initial state.
  17. But when I use guided ocean layer, houdini automatically creates uniform volume in MAT section. It creates the ocean volume when I choose small ocean or large ocean from shelf. Is there any ways to bring ocean volume shader without selecting small and large ocean from shelf?
  18. The thing is the volume shader doesn't have any parameters for spectra and spectra mask as you can see.
  19. I have the same issue.
  20. As you can see I used a guided ocean layer from the shelf, But the interior volume doesn't obey the extended surface size. How can I fix that?
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