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  1. Videocard for Houdini

    Hello! I have an old GTX 460 1 gb and it performs not so good. I've been searching some answers about what videocard fits best for using Houdini, but found very different opinions. My goal is to choose the best solution for 700-1000$ videocard, and here are some options: - FirePro W7000 - Quadro K4000(just came out) - GeForce Titan/ GTX 670-690 - Radeon 7970-7990 Also I want to pay attantion to GTX 580, 3 gb which is very popular and seems to perform good for every 3d package for its price, but it's difficult to find one in stores now. Many times I heard that we should stick with Nvidia cards and ingore ATI for its crappy drivers, but some Radeon specs outbeats even high-end Quadros. I'm a bit confused making a choice of a right card, really hope for your help!