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  1. help for bubble split effect

    how to sim this effect, someone who have any ideas? many thanks! 1f05dd2ba2fe79a9e7d4cbe3d93039e1.mp4
  2. Warcraft Movie magic Effect

    Hello,everyone,I need to do a effect like this pciture. I made some test ,but looks dont like this, so i upload this picture,maybe someone can tell me some ideas, thanks!
  3. particle erosion file

    hi peter,thank you for share this sence
  4. How can i make this effect of cloud

    Hi,mangi.Thank you very much!But the effect is not obvious, and there are some stretch in front of the lens, this basically is to let the cloud cave looks very depth, make the hole seems very far, perhaps this should work harder on the rendering, but I am a novice, a lot of things can't, have no good idea! But still thank you very much!
  5. How can i make this effect of cloud

    http://forums.odforc...iser#entry84124Hi,lukeiamyourfather,thank you.I am using the node in the links above,thanks them very much.I need to make it look more depth,but I don't know how should I do. test.rar
  6. Hello, everyone. I need to make a hole in the clouds now, which is composed of the cloud formations, and the camera needs to pass through the hole, coming out of the cave, but I tried a variety of methods, can make out cloud effect, but not a bit of depth, though the cave is very long, now I would like to ask you, who have what good way to achieve such an effect.