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  1. Daphne - Master Project - MA Digital Effects 1213 - Bournemouth Univer

    my Showreel 2013: http://vimeo.com/79607197
  2. daphne link

  3. daphne link

    sorry but the link from the homepage to daphne video doesn't work
  4. Daphne - Master Project - MA Digital Effects 1213 - Bournemouth Univer

    Making Of : http://vimeo.com/73400410
  5. MA Digital Effects 1213 - Bournemouth University - NCCA National Centre for Computer Animation Synopsys: "Daphne" takes inspiration from the “Daphne myth”, a metamorphosis where a nymph was transformed into a laurel tree after escaping from the love of the god Apollo. Houdini: Development of an asset for the interaction between dummy geometry and L - System. Software: Houdini FX - Side Effects: L-System (asset), Modelling, Shading, Lighting and Rendering (Mantra), Nuke - The Foundry: Compositing, PF Track - The Pixel Farm : Geometry Tracking. video: http://vimeo.com/73346747
  6. L - system + Fur

    I have "fixed" the problem using the skeleton of the l system, converting in polygon, using a copy sop with a new geomtry (sphere) and from the new system removing the normal and applying again with a point sop now in a new direction, in the end using this new system as guides for the fur, even if the skin geometry is still the original L system, now in the end is not really perfect 100% but seems to work!
  7. Fur on changing topology

    Hi Peon Could you post the houdini file of your solution? Im dealing with the same problem..
  8. L - system + Fur

    so guys anybody knows how to fix this problem?? seems that with one branch works fine.. but start to have problem when I add more than one..
  9. L - system + Fur

    you can check my file with the fur problem here: track8b.hipnc
  10. L - system + Fur

    Hello guys! I'm a student in MA Digital Effect at Bournemouth University, for my master project I'm creating an effect where a body is completely coverd by veins and roots and these veins start to shrink back until the body is completely free. I'm making the effect using an L system with a RAY SOP, I want to use also a fur simulation on the geometry of the L system, but seems that the fur get crazy and start to move in different frames even if the geometry is completely stable, Do you have any idea why I'm having this problem?? Thanks!