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  1. I have a heightfield as part of an HDA that is remapped. If I manually press "Compute Range" in the Heightfield Remap sop it works.... but I need to do it from an HDA processor inside Tops. I promoted the "Compute Range" parameter (button) on the HDA. It works. Then I get it inside Tops HDA Processor via the Update HDA Parameter button... BUT in there it comes as a checkbox. If I check the checkbox it does nothing. How does one enable Compute Range from inside an HDA Processor node in tops? If not, is there a way in vex to the the min and max for the voxels of the heightfield? Thanks
  2. Houdini on Multiple Displays

    Just to be clear... you're saying it works on win, linux... or both?
  3. Houdini on Multiple Displays

    Nope - I'm definitelly on Auto Update. Everything works fine if I have 1 screen desktops. It just craps out with 2 screen layouts.
  4. Houdini on Multiple Displays

    What's your onscreen setup like. I have my parameters, network and the rest on the left, while the right is reserved mostly for the scene view. One of the problems I face is that sometimes when I do something like animating a character or changing something in the left side, my right side doesn't update. EG: I translate something by 20 in Y - in the scene viewport nothing happens. If I save the scene and restart it, I see the update in the viewport. That's just a small example. Most of the time it works, but sometimes I get the feeling there's desync between the left and right hand side.
  5. Houdini on Multiple Displays

    Well, I'm not sure the "slow piece of crap" endorsement is swaying enough to make me yearn for the OS Lion instead of Bootcamping it All joking aside, this would put a major cramp in my workflow as I have most things on the Win7 side. I've been able to install the official AMD drivers without a problem and even the original Bootcamp defaults were okay. I could be wrong, but from what I know, with Bootcamp, the Mac should be close to just another PC so long as you use the Win drivers for things such as the video card. I've run Open GL tests and other graphic apps, and they're rock solid on the 2 monitors. Only Houdini misbehaves. At first there was an issue that I have my monitors backwards from what H recommends. The right monitor was 1 and the left was 2. I changed them around and that seemed to fix things quite a bit. But there are still inconsistencies. I'm looking into purchasing a more solid card - Quadro k5000... but I'm dreading finding out that for $1600 things aren't any better with these bugs
  6. I've recently bought another monitor and I'd like to use it with Houdini. I've read that Houdini doesn't like negative workspace. From what I understand that means that the monitors should be aligned from left to right, with the left one being the main one. Okay, I've done that and created some 2 screen workspaces. However, things are acting very weird. Some things just don't update properly in the viewport. Sometimes they disappear. I've had nulls look like a squigly line instead of the normal cross. Switching from the 2 screen workspace to the default "build" and then back sometimes helps. Sometimes I have to close the program and restart it. Is this a 2 monitor problem or a card problem?... or open gl? I have a AMD Radeon 5770 on a Mac booted into win 7. Thank you for any heads up on this issue as I'm new to debugging this sort of thing.
  7. I'm trying to export rotation for a couple of IK bones from chops. I've put down a MERGE node in CHOPS and bussed all the IK chops there. But the problem is it only cooks when I MM click on it. So I go inside chops, MM on it and go back out to my bones and presto, the IK rotations show in orange bkg in the rotation fields... But if I move the IK bone again, the merge node remains uncooked until I dive back in and MM click on it again. Funny thing if I enable export on a simple InverseKin it works properly.... but I need more than just one bone. Am I doing something wrong... or what's the best way to bounce all the IK rotations back to the bones. Thanks
  8. Thank you Thomas - Sure beats Mel scripting or the equivalent in Python
  9. I have a model that has multiple overlapping meshes and was thinking of using a sock puppet to bring all meshes into one, paint the weights and then reassign the weights to the individual meshes as per this workflow described here: http://www.3dfiggins.com/writeups/paintingWeights/#weightmultiple The guy has a mel script for transferring the weights back to the individual meshes in Maya. My question is: Is there a ways to transfer the weights to the individual meshes without diving into Python scripting in Houdini? Thank you so much.
  10. Getting Angle Between Bones

    Okay, I've got it - boneangle() I cannot seem to find how to delete this topic. Thanks.
  11. Hi All, I need a bit of help figuring something out. I need to fire a morph (blend shape) whenever the bones have less than 90 degrees (or another specified amount) from each other. How do I get access to the bone info and where is the rotation info I'm looking for. I've looked at the bones and I don't see any such info on the tabs. Thank You PS: Don't know if it makes a difference but I'd like to know for both IK and FK - thanks again
  12. Figured it should do that by default. I had the order wrong in the "input operators". Many thanks
  13. How do you use only a specific region or points in the Blendshapes SOP? Example, I have 2 inputs: 1. Raised eyebrow, neutral mouth 2. Smiling mouth, neutral eyebrow I'd like to use the smiling geo but add the raised eyebrow. But ONLY the raised eyebrow region as if I blend fully between them it leads to a decrease in the smile. I would also need the method to be open to more than 2 shapes - imagine adding another shape that has a wink in the other eye - so it would be the smile from the first, the raised eyebrow from the second and the wink from the third. I've opened the "Toon Character" but I'm lost among the maze of controls - and some things are locked so I can't go in and play around. Can somebody please show me a small example of this. I'd like to understand the principle behind it. So far I see some sort of delete node that then goes to the edits... Do you break down the head into parts, or how is it done? Thank You!
  14. Painting Weights Brush Question

    It was CMI vfx's Houdini Rigging Animation FundamentalsEverything works good now - thank you
  15. Painting Weights Brush Question

    Thank you for the help. You were right because the vertices weren't all fused. I put a fuse sop and it all worked perfectly. Is this behavior due to the fact it was an obj? This is what the tutorial I was doing gave us. Thanks again.