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  1. Archived version of Houdini

    For linux 10.595_x64_gcc4.3 For Win 10.595_win64 thanks
  2. Archived version of Houdini

    I need a Houdini 9.5 Will you please provide a link to Houdini 10 for linux and windows?
  3. Hello. Has anyone stayed install older versions of Houdini for Linux and windows? thanks.
  4. Hi all!

  5. Control Robot Head

  6. Control Robot Head

    @mantragora Vimeo:
  7. Control Robot Head

    Yes. For reference we use Number Johnny 5 Thanks for the comments. On Vimeo can be added later.
  8. Control Robot Head

    Hello. This is my little personal project. I did everything except modeling http://youtu.be/E-HT-tKL5YI
  9. How to make the growth of each individual line?

    Wow, thanks!
  10. Hi. I need that each line has grown from the beginning. Please help me with this! GrassGrowth.hipnc