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  1. Hello. Has anyone stayed install older versions of Houdini for Linux and windows? thanks.
  2. Archived version of Houdini

    For linux 10.595_x64_gcc4.3 For Win 10.595_win64 thanks
  3. Archived version of Houdini

    I need a Houdini 9.5 Will you please provide a link to Houdini 10 for linux and windows?
  4. Hi all!

  5. Control Robot Head

    Hello. This is my little personal project. I did everything except modeling http://youtu.be/E-HT-tKL5YI
  6. Control Robot Head

  7. Control Robot Head

    @mantragora Vimeo:
  8. Control Robot Head

    Yes. For reference we use Number Johnny 5 Thanks for the comments. On Vimeo can be added later.
  9. Hi. I need that each line has grown from the beginning. Please help me with this! GrassGrowth.hipnc
  10. How to make the growth of each individual line?

    Wow, thanks!