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  1. emit smoke when rbd hits the ground plane

    Hey James, Sorry for the delay, somehow I didn't see your post. I just made a really simple scene, hopefully this makes some sense. Thanks, Roberto emit_on_impact.hip
  2. emit smoke when rbd hits the ground plane

    You can just use two different colors for both objects then attribute transfer based on color to get your desired radius to emit the pyro from. I can post a hip if you are still having trouble
  3. Procedural Modelling a Hut

    Thats great thanks again Freek
  4. Procedural Modelling a Hut

    Thats ok Freek, thanks for getting back to me. I was just having problems with overlapping bricks (corners when scaling). Seems the example file has the same problem when you use an unusual shape (you made in Sops). Really cool example file. I will try implementing it into my current setup, thanks again for getting back to me
  5. Procedural Modelling a Hut

    Hi Guys, I'm really new to the world of procedural modelling and wondering if anyone could help . I've made two walls for the hut I'm making but having trouble getting all walls to line up and be built procedurally. If anyone could help I would really appreciate it...Thanks for looking at my post 0.1.hip
  6. Best way to get reflection from fire

    Hey Guys i was just wondering what way everyone uses to get ground reflection and reflection on objects without having to render textures...... So just a layer of fire reflection to comp on top. I usually make the fire phantom but what material is best to make the floor/objects. Thanks for looking at my post guys
  7. Student Effects summer showreel

    Thanks Hudson
  8. Student Effects summer showreel

    Thanks for taking the time to write positive feed back to my post guys
  9. Student Effects summer showreel

    Hey guys this is my showreel after doing my MA at Bournemouth. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone on odforce for your help over the past year and i hope you enjoy it https://vimeo.com/73210377
  10. Fire Mask Doesnt work properly...Please Help

    Thank you Marty, yea your right it was Houdini being Houdini
  11. Hey Guys I having a problem with the Pyro shader passes not work properly, especially the Fire mask. Attached is a simple scene of what I'm talking about and a exr fire of the render I'm working on. The fire mask (red) is a really random shape. If anyone could i would really appreciate it Thanks for looking at my post odforce.hipnc odforce.hipnc.tar.gz
  12. quick PYRO question

    Hi Guys, I'm currently doing some R and D on a tram explosion that I'm working on. I was wondering if anyone can help me . I'm trying to get more details in the sim, so it shows the scale of the explosion better and any rendering optimizing techniques would be really appreciative . The current sim has 200million voxel Roughly 1.4gb a frame I have the source cell size small After going through a ton of material on the net, this should be high enough to get a nice looking sim. I know I'm doing wrong somewhere Attached a 2 sec clip of what it looks like at the moment Cheers for looking at my post guys odforce1.zip
  13. Deforming RBD on Impact with Floor

    Hi Martin, I can't thank you enough for your help, AMAZING stuff
  14. Deforming RBD on Impact with Floor

    Hi Guys I'm currently trying to deform a pre fractured object using a multisolver with an rbd solver input and sop solver (Dops). In the solver I have used a metaball with a copy to compute the impact radius and then plug that into a magnet sop. I was just wondering how I can get my geometry to stay dented, maybe rely on a threshold value and also after the impact, stop the sim from freaking out. If anyone could please help i would really appreciate it. Thanks for looking at my post WORKON.hipnc
  15. Hey Guys I'm trying to do a wood bark effect and was wondering how you would connect the front and back primitives whilst using noise displacement around the side. The noise makes the front and back faces have gaps and was wondered how you could cover this up with the front and back primitives. I've attached a simple version of what I'm talking about. Thanks for looking at my post simple_scene_odforce.hipnc