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  1. POP Curve Force with wrong directions.

    Hola Javier! You should consider the emitter's diameter and the max influence radius of the pop curve force. Right now the emission's diameter exceeds the curve force radius. Also, pay attention in the global forces tab, there's a "force along length" ramp: make in constant to 1. Good luck!
  2. Are them packed primitives? can you share the hip file?
  3. Cloth Inflation Problem [solved]

    Yep, the description is pretty similar to your situation. Maybe updating to the last release will solve the problem, anyway it's strange...
  4. Cloth Inflation Problem [solved]

    16.5.496 Just to be sure: it should inflate and then explode, nothing more, right? (for the fracturing I just lowered the threshold)
  5. Cloth Inflation Problem [solved]

    that's strange ... it works here. I just enabled the fracturing option and it inflates and brakes as it should.
  6. collider

    as I don't have the original geometry I tried with a simple one and quoting SideFx " ... unusual things may happen". the problem is that the static solver collision "Mode" is set as "Volume Sample": this way it searches for an sdf in the source geometry (from the collider) but you don't have any in the source. So the solution is to set "Ray Intersect" as mode for the collider creation. Now it should be ok. At least for the collision... Then you should put some secondary effect, as whitewater en or mist, and then think about the rendering part. Just be patient, one step at a time. Let me know if the collision works well now. Otherwise, send me your object (if you can, sure) so I can check it.
  7. Attribute driving a fit range value

    Instead of using the attribute wrangle, you should promote the P attribute from "point" class to "detail" class, and if you want the max value from the positions, you can specify "Maximum" as promotion method. Rename it as maxP (for example) and bind that parameter in your VOP, just use a get vector component and select "Compoment 2" so you read the Y channel. Another option is using the attribute wrangle running ovber "detail" with an expression like f@myMax = getbbox_max(0).y; this way you get the Y componente of the bbox of the object. The problem with your expression is that it runs over all the points, (that's what an attribute wrangle does, it iterate over every geometry's component, in your case every "point") so the expression simply returns 0 if P.y is negative, and @P.y if @P.y is positive and store that result on a new Point variable called myMax.
  8. collider

    Hi Leonardo, there should be a misconfiguration in DOPs. It will be easier if you share your hip file (with or without the geo) so we can check it. You can also watch the webinars from Jeff Wagner actually about Colliders (there's 3 of them!): he explains all you need to know and understand about colliders. Ciao! Marco
  9. How is this effect made?

    I don't know if it has some name, but it seems they are working on the primitives that compose the geometry, transforming them with the "primitive" node. I think that's the easy part ... Before that you should make points uniques and after that fuse the geometry again. Maybe this is a good start. Good luck!
  10. Wire Solver and Deformations

    Have you tried with a polywire instead of the wire?
  11. Not sure, but have you tried putting a static solver for each static object and then to connect the two static solvers to a switch solver?
  12. Noise in Render

    Generally I tend to work that noise issue modifying "artistically" (read as "with no precise rule") the Noise Level and increasing the Max Ray Sample as the first step. Many times you can stick with a low Pixel Sample increasing the Max Ray Sample an lowering the Noise Level. Try to work in a small, noisy part of your render, so you can get fast feedback, and search for a good compromise between Render time and quality. If you can't manage to make the render less noisy that way, then start increasing Pixel Sample or Diffuse Quality or Global Quality. Hope it helps! Cheers!
  13. Happy 10th Birthday Od[force]

    Happy birthday!!! Congratz and thanks to all the community!!!
  14. Time-based paramater in /mat?

    Ok, I understand my bad! jeje ... Maybe creating the string as an attribute in sop and bind it in mat?
  15. Time-based paramater in /mat?

    Hi David, I'm not sure if it will works ... but have you already tried with "/my/disk/pointcloud.`$F`.bgeo" ?