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  1. Sure you can include a color assignment in an otl. Just put a material network into your otl, put a material sop node and point it to the actual shader created into the material network. Then you can promote what you need (Color diffuse I suppose). The point Johannes is making is that UV quick shade SOP isn't supposed to assign shaders to your geo, it's just to see if your uv works well with a texture (you get there with less clicks ...) it's for testing. Then you can assign a shader knowing that all works fine.
  2. Limit total smoke

    Jim, if I get it right, you should accumulate the amount emitted at each frame. In SOP you can use a volume reduce and set it to "sum": this way you know the density (for example) emitted in that particular frame. Then a simple geometry SOP, so you can accumulate the attribute (maybe after promotinig it as detail). Not sure it's what you're looking for anyway ... Cheers! Marco
  3. Hello Gaël! Really interesting setup! About the particles emission, I think you should look inside the "Debris Source" SOP node. With small modifications I think it will do the work! Cheers, Marco
  4. How can I apply motion blur to smoke?

    Well, it's actually working in your test scene. You can check enabling/disabling "Allow Motion Blur" and rendering: you'll note some difference, even if the fluid res is low. If you're using the shelf tools, it's imported automatically, in the DOP io node. If not, just set "Smoke" as preset for the Dop IO node. It's also possible the difference is just small, so it's hard to perceive it.
  5. How can I apply motion blur to smoke?

    Hi Masoud, make sure you imported the vel fields from sim: without them, there's no motion blur. Also check the mantra node, and make sure "Allow Motion Blur" (in Rendering tab) is on. I hope this helps. Cheers! Marco
  6. Errors while rendering

    Hi! What are you rendering? It's a sim? Is it cached on disk or is simulating and rendering? From those messages is seems like the video card is running out of memory, but if it's just a render and not a sim running on OpenCL ... that's strange. Can you share the hip?
  7. Understanding rand()

    Well, the particle "launches from the same point every time since the starting frame is always the same" it's true, as rand is a pseudo-random function. If you need some variation you'll need to create some sort of seed, so you can put $F+n (with n as any number, like $F+354 or $F+387.24) or $F*n. You can also add a parameter and use it as seed, so you just change that value with a slider and not hard coding it. EDIT: it should be something like fit01(rand($F+354),2.3,2.9) and you can change 354 (n) as you want
  8. How create a peak snowdrift - snow/sand blowing setup

    Some year ago I made the same effect and I used a smoke sim: the emission was from the terrain itself (maybe you can scatter points over it and apply some noise to give him some variation over the emission) and the smoke solver take care of the rest (with a wind force + noise). Then you can mix it with some particles advected by the volume itself.
  9. Changes to houdini Fluids in H17 help!!

    The new FLIP Source will create 2 things: a surface and points. You can work on the points (for example using an attributeVOP) to modify their "v" (velocity) attribute with a noise or giving them the velocity you want. It think you'll have actually more control this way. Let me know if it works! Cheers!
  10. Accessing the pressure scalar field in Pyro

    Happy it worked! Remember you can always MMB over the pyro/smoke solver (starting from the 2nd simultation frame in most cases) and see which fields you already have to work with.
  11. Accessing the pressure scalar field in Pyro

    You can try putting "pressure" as the control field for your turbulence. Then you can work with the ramp so you can control where it will be working (high pressure or low pressure areas). Visualize it so you'll have a better visual feedback to understans what's happening. Cheers!
  12. apply gas turbulence based on velocity

    If you're not using OpenCL you can also enable the asset modification, find the "forcescale" binding and set it as "vector" type. Then put a length node after it. This way you can leave "vel" as control field.
  13. cloud with interaction

    Hey! Depending on the resolution (and the actual ammount of RAM you have) you can just use it as density source for a smoke/pyro sim. You can also clip the original cloud so you can simulate just the part where the character interact with the cloud. With H17 you should be able to use vdb as source with no problems, otherwise you have to convert it to houdini volume. Let me know if it helps! Marco
  14. Is it because of simulations? if so, you can click on the little brain at the bottom right corner of the Houdini window ... let me know if is that! Cheers!
  15. ACES in Houdini

    Also you can check here: https://scivfx.artstation.com/pages/acessetup
  16. How much instances can I render?

    I think you should use an Instance node for each tree model. I just rendered 133.000 trees with no problems, unpacking the geometry. Also you shouldn't set mantra parameters that way, it's not the way to go. You should put the pixel sample on 3x3 and work on the "noise level", and increasing the Max Ray Samples. For example: I use to render just a square of my frame (Shift+LMB on the render view) and check the render time, than lower the "noise level" and increase the Max Ray Sample searching for a compromise between render time and quality. Sometime I use 27+ Max Ray Samples (still with 3x3 pixel samples) as final quality. You should play with that.
  17. New Retime sop with flip fluids cache

    Hi Martin! I think that if you check the Add ID Attribute parameter in Flip Solver > Particle Motion > Behavior, it should work just fine. It's really amazing that Retime SOP! eheh Abrazo Martincito!
  18. Why is Mantra so Slow

    Same here ... EDIT: Actually I can render a FullHD frame full of clouds in 20 minutes ...
  19. RBD glue constraint problems

    Try putting the Glue's strength = -1 (unbreakable). Then in the "Remove Broken" sop solver: attribute promote should use the "Maximum" method, the attrib wrangle should Run Over "Primitives" and instead of removing the primitive based on the Cd, you should put it in the broken group like this: @group_broken = 1; It should works...
  20. POP Curve Force with wrong directions.

    Hola Javier! You should consider the emitter's diameter and the max influence radius of the pop curve force. Right now the emission's diameter exceeds the curve force radius. Also, pay attention in the global forces tab, there's a "force along length" ramp: make in constant to 1. Good luck!
  21. Are them packed primitives? can you share the hip file?
  22. Cloth Inflation Problem [solved]

    Yep, the description is pretty similar to your situation. Maybe updating to the last release will solve the problem, anyway it's strange...
  23. Cloth Inflation Problem [solved]

    16.5.496 Just to be sure: it should inflate and then explode, nothing more, right? (for the fracturing I just lowered the threshold)
  24. Cloth Inflation Problem [solved]

    that's strange ... it works here. I just enabled the fracturing option and it inflates and brakes as it should.
  25. collider

    as I don't have the original geometry I tried with a simple one and quoting SideFx " ... unusual things may happen". the problem is that the static solver collision "Mode" is set as "Volume Sample": this way it searches for an sdf in the source geometry (from the collider) but you don't have any in the source. So the solution is to set "Ray Intersect" as mode for the collider creation. Now it should be ok. At least for the collision... Then you should put some secondary effect, as whitewater en or mist, and then think about the rendering part. Just be patient, one step at a time. Let me know if the collision works well now. Otherwise, send me your object (if you can, sure) so I can check it.