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  1. Import hda/otl with python

    Hi, As Dom mentioned, it's all in the docs but here's an example if needed. # This code is the equivalent of running Assets -> Install Asset Library hou.hda.installFile('path_to_your_hda_file_on_disk') # Then you could create the HDA as you would normally with any other node hda_node = hou_parent.createNode("OperatorType”, “Name”) # Operator Type is your hda type -J
  2. Python Panel hou.ui problem

    I wasn't able to reproduce your issue. It's re-opening fine for me. which version of Houdini are you using ? -J
  3. Icons path

    Hi there, Yes you can use the fullpath to the icons in a shelf tool. -J
  4. Iterate in subnet python

    Hi, There are many ways to achieve what you're looking for. Here's one subnet = hou.node("/obj/my_subnet") null_nodes = [] for child in subnet.children(): if child.type().name() == 'geo': for sub_child in child.children(): if sub_child.type().name() == 'null': null_nodes.append(sub_child) Hope it helps -J
  5. How to find Node name for createNode in Python

    Hi, It's the operator type of the node. If you right click on any node and click on Type Properties, you would find it's Operator Type there. Cheers -J
  6. Thanks for all the amazing tutorials, posts and webinars. Happy Anniversary Jeff!
  7. Rename label in multiparm list.

    Not that I know of. Labels are part of the parm templates and I don't think there's a way to change the labels of individual instances of a parm in a multiparm block. -J
  8. Load QT UI from HDA extra file

    Nope. Getting the same error -J
  9. Load QT UI from HDA extra file

    Never thought about loading the code as a buffer. That's really cool Alex. Cheers -J
  10. Am I correct to assume that you want to do something like "Home All" (H - key) ?
  11. Add Handles

    Please refer to this topic. https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/30263/ -J
  12. how to set unexpanding string to parameter by python

    There's no direct method AFAIK. I don't understand the purpose of doing this. The whole point of channel reference is that if either of resourceA or resourceB is changed, it will be updated automatically in your cachePath. Instead of getting the unexpandedstring and setting them, why don't you just evaluate the parameter and set the value directly ? -J
  13. Python: Delete node

    Are you using Houdini 17.5 ? I have seen this error in 17.5 but works in 17.0. It could be a bug. Probably worth submitting an RFE. -J
  14. Python: Delete node

    Hi there, It's working for me and it's deleting the node as expected. Please note that the node gets cooked only when there's some change. Is it not deleting even if you force cook it ? -J
  15. Digital Assets and the Tab menu

    It can be done but there's no direct way to access it AFAIK hda_def = hda_node.type().definition() tools_section = hda_def.sections()['Tools.shelf'] # tools_section.contents returns an XML string which you # need to parse and get the value of the tab Submenu path tools_contents = tools_section.contents() Hope it helps -J