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  1. Programmatically modifying a color ramp

    Is this what you want ?? myNode # your node with the ramp parameter attnParm = myNode.parm('attenramp') # Get the ramp parameter attnParm.set(5) # You can add more points to the ramp just by setting the number you want. You can also get the keys and iterate over them and set the value on all ramp parms rampKeys = attnParm.eval().keys() # Get the keys numPoints = len(rampKeys) # Get the number of points for keyNum in range(1, numPoints + 1): posParm = myNode.parm('attenramp + str(keyNum) + 'pos') posParm.set(your value) Similarly you can iterate through other ramp params like color and interpolation and set them accordingly. Hope this helps. Cheers -J
  2. define font type when creating font node

    First get the font sop that you have created. fontSop = hou.node("/obj/geo1/font1") then you can do something like this. fontSop.setParms({"file":'Helvetica-Bold'}) Hope this helps. Cheers -J
  3. Custom shelf icons

    As mantragora suggested, put them in your icon path for houdini to automatically detect your icons. But you can put them anywhere and use the path in your icon in the Edit tool, it'll work. SVG works best but you can use other formats too (.jpg, .png).
  4. I'm not sure whether there's any generalized method to find the renderpath. But What do you mean by not complete when you iterate and find ? What you could do is to add a spare parameter and channel reference this parameter in your render nodes output path. Then in your script you can find all the nodes with this spare parameter and set whatever you wanna set. Not the ideal solution but it should work. Hope this helps
  5. using Python to animate an object

    Can you post an example file ?
  6. Ramps in Takes

    Hey Guys How to work with ramps in takes without using auto takes ? If I include the ramp parameter in my take manually, it doesn't includes the position, value and interpolation parameters to my take. If I try to add any point, it just breaks all my existing ramp settings. Has anyone worked with ramps in takes ? Any help much appreciated. Thanks -J
  7. Hey, Thanks for your reply. I appreciate it. I ended up using the parmTemplates method to access the folder parmTemplates and get all parmTemplates inside this folder. Anyways thanks. But I didn't get your approach for creating node selector parmTemplates. Which 'createAfter' method did you use ? Can you give me an example if possible ? Cheers -J
  8. Reflection of motion blur

    It's your point light with an intensity of 170 which causes that bright spot on your grid. I'm not sure what you're trying to achieve. Try to play around with your lights to achieve your desired look. I hope this helps Cheers -J
  9. Digital Asset Parameters

    Go to type properties, parameters tab, you'll see a little gear on top. Click on that gear and you'll see a lot of toggles. Disable all those toggles which has a prefix in it. Hope this helps Cheers -J
  10. OTL best practice

    If you want to reference your otl path in your material, you could do something like this change your expression language to Python and paste the following code in your parameter import os otlPath = os.path.dirname(hou.pwd().type().definition().libraryFilePath()) fullPath = os.path.join(otlPath, 'maps', 'myTexture.jpg') return fullPath Hope this helps Cheers -J
  11. Hey guys I have a multiparm block and few folders inside the multiparm block. I'm trying to find all the parameters in a folder inside this multiparm block using python. But when I try to access it, I could just get folderset and not folder parms and also it seems I cannot get my folder parm from the folder set. Is there a way I can get my folder parm template from the folder set parm template ? or Is there a better way to do this ? Any help on this regard is highly appreciated. Cheers -J
  12. Does hou.parm.containingFolderSetParmTuples() work with multiparm parameters ? I can't seem to get it working. Any thoughts ? Cheers -J
  13. Make PyQt window a child of Houdini

  14. Hey guys I started using pyqt inside Houdini using eventloops. I followed this link from sidefx for setup and I'm able to get it working http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini12.5/hom/cookbook/pyqt/part1/ But it seems that the application runs independent of Houdini's UI. I'm just curious whether there is a way I can make this window behave like a Houdini UI window. So if I minimize Houdini, the pyqt window also gets minimized and If I maximize, the Pyqt window should get focus somthing of that sort.. Any help much appreciated. Cheers -J