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  1. SOP Solver Cooked in Immediate mode...

    Sop solver in DOP often have some trouble updating. A little trick to make it work is pointing your Sop solver to a SOP Network and this one should be able to update without error. If you wanna get rid of the warning just turn off and on the node, it'll refresh. Cheers
  2. FLIP Fluid won't collide

    Haha I think I just answered my own question, I just plugged a staticsolver between my staticObject and the merge, seems to work perfectly ! Kinda proud of myself as a new in Houdini !! hehe
  3. FLIP Fluid won't collide

    Hi guys, It might be a very beginner question (I am aswell in Houdini) but it just doesn't seem to work.. I want to make a small waterfall, I got my waterfall Bgeo that I converted into a vdb volume and then created a static object under a dopnet so I linked my SOP Path and my Proxy Volume, when I turn the show collision I can see the blue volume. When I simulate my FLIP Fluid particle, it just goes through the waterfall and the volume box. Any idea what I could be forgetting ? Here's my scene and the BGEO. Thanks in advance ! SmallRiver.hip