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  1. Hi, I currently have an issue when I tried to make my python panel with PyQt5. I tried at first to make it using the hutil.Qt module but I don't manage to get the connection to my database of object working ("SQLITE" driver not loaded). So I made a test outside of Houdini using python 2.7.15 and PyQt5, and it's working fine. After that, I tried to load PyQt5 inside of Houdini (so I copied the folder PyQt5 from my source-packages of my python 2.7.15 to the houdini python) but I get an error. I can import PyQt5 but as soon as I want to import QtCore for example, it is not working anymore with this error: the DLL failed to load.Is there something special to make PyQt5 working with Houdini? Thanks in advance Edit: After spending more time trying to get that working, I saw that the problem is coming from hython. I am on Windows so I can't change and use my OS version which is working fine. I tried to load the module using python inside of "C:\Program Files\Side Effects Software\Houdini 16.5.476\python27" and this is working, I can get PyQt working. If I try the same thing with hython, this is not working, here is the error: DLL load failed: cannot find specified procedure
  2. House explosion

    Update on the project: https://vimeo.com/184817618.
  3. House explosion

    Small update on this, new version of the smoke. This one is better but lacks the trails which gave an interesting look at the sim. I will try to mix the smoke together later on. If you have any critics, don't hesitate https://vimeo.com/182964146
  4. House explosion

    Small update on the project: addind some dust trails and will add more smoke when the wall collapses. Once I will be happy with the simulation, will add render time displacement and add more debris with different shapes (wood splinters, wall, bricks, etc ...). Here is the link to the video: https://vimeo.com/182817412
  5. Hi, The way I learn which expressions to use and when is by using the textport. If you type "exhelp", you'll get a list of all the expressions avalaible in Houdini. But if you want to find help and some examples about one founction, you can type "exhelp (name of the founction)" (for example "exhelp point" will give you the info of the point expression, what it does and some examples which will show you how to use it). Then you need to use them and it will becore more clear about what founction does what.
  6. House explosion

    I started from scratch the rbd simulation and hide the pyro sim. I have a new problem on this simultion I know of is the jittering of one of the main pieces on the left side of the house and don't know how to fix this ? Here is the link: https://vimeo.com/181746879
  7. House explosion

    I watched yesterday more references, and one thing I'm sure is you're right about the size and the speed of the blast for the rigid body part. I focus for now on the rigid bodies part, trying to get a more natural look and will work after on the explosion (will reduce the size and improve the sim)
  8. House explosion

    Here is a project I'm currently working on. I'm currently working on the explosion as it lacks of disturbance and the shader can be improved. Still some problem with the rigid body sim, mainly on the roof pieces. https://vimeo.com/179319417
  9. Fx artist

    I'm a fx artist, working in Houdini and Maya if needed. Here is a link to my website http://bruneaumatthieu.wix.com/fxartist#!about-me/dztzz and here is my demoreel. All critics are welcome.
  10. ground piece coming from crash

    Hi atom, thx for your help. In fact, my problem resides mainly in how to export my 100k object while keep a reasonnable size of the alembic. If a get an alembic of 80mo, Clarisse takes about 5min between frames to read it, mainly because of the number of element inside it. So, what I would like to achieve is an alembic of small size while keeping the number of elements inside to one. I'll make a simpler scene showing what my problem is. edit: After making a scene simpler, I think it might come with the way I created the copy (I used stamp geometry on the copy node). This might have caused the problem
  11. ground piece coming from crash

    After more refinement to the shot, I managed to get to the level of detail I wanted. Sadly, everything which concerned the ground is rendered in Clarisse iFX, and when I try to export about 100k ground pieces to Clarisse, I always get an alembic file very heavy (12 giga for 25frames!!!); I tries to export them as a single packed object and in polygons, this alays gave me a file heavy. The only way to reduce this is to make them packed object, but it gave me either a long list of alembic files in Clarisse. Here is an image showing what the problem is. So what I would like is to get the organisation of the first one while keeping the size of the second. Is there any way to get this?
  12. Individual RBD objects from copy sop

    Hi, You need to tick the checkbox "pack geometry before copying ". This will allow you to create pack object which will allow you to have them falling individually. Then, in the dopnet, you'll need a "rbd packed object" instead of the normal rbd object. This will recognize the boxes as individual object and make them falling independently of each other. Here is a scene file which show you the process. demo_packed_grid.hip
  13. Hi, after trying to implement this technique, I don't manage to get my UVs correct on my displaced mesh. I managed to do everything whis is related to the displaced of the points and the matrix for my simulation, but my Uvs are still incorrect. Can someone tell me what I did wrong? Displace_fractured_edges_correction_uv.hip geo_test.bgeo.sc
  14. ground piece coming from crash

    In fact, what I meant is adding more debris to the deforming ground. I managed to add them to the side of the engine, but not in the front of the spaceship.
  15. ground piece coming from crash

    Hi, I have a problem figuring out how I can create some pieces coming from underground after a ship crash. I tried to fake it using some Rigid bodies but it doesn't follow the shape of my ground which is deformed. Here is a render of what I've done so far, (the scene and the alembics can't be uploaded, they are too heavy). I need to add the in the front part of the spaceship. Thank's upload_forum_720p.mov