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  1. HOT interaction with static geometry

    I see. Its not a trivial problem... Something like this perhaps?
  2. HOT interaction with static geometry

    A simple approach is to write out bgeo's of the ocean patch...(so you dont have to cook the ocean every frame). Read them back into your work file then isolate the portions of water intersecting your static geo. You can then use this data to create an emitter for particles.

  4. POLE test

    pole pole pole
  5. Detecting Particle Color?

    greetings! i need to detect random particle color values (RGB) as they collide with an object.. this in turn will trigger an animated shape with the same color (RGorB). iam trying to get my head around how this can be accomplished... its been awhile since i have done anything that makes sense. many bad 3D habits have been formed over the last couple years using other software THANKS... mike C.
  6. Detecting Particle Color?

    simple working example for your viewing pleasures. thanks phoebus and ong for the help RGB_collide_001_revised.zip
  7. Detecting Particle Color?

    it isnt often a person gets exactly what they want... ill chaulk this up to luck, this is EXACTLY what i was looking for. thanks a lot!!
  8. Detecting Particle Color?

    hey old school, thanks for the suggestions... DOPs looks rad, im pretty stoked about the possiblities.. iam all for experimenting but on a bit of a deadline id like to use what i understand currently. suprisingly i just started using the software again a few days ago and remembered quite a bit. im just kind of at a loss at the moment
  9. Detecting Particle Color?

    hey val, thanks... i was checking out that demo. its deffinately doing something similar. what id like to find out is what to do after the particle collides (in my simulation the particle doesnt die, just sticks... exactly what i want it to do). the particle hits will be random, so the event will be solely dependant on collisions.. hopefully that made sense.
  10. Happy birthday...

    arent you turning like, 50? marc??....
  11. MacOS Houdini? Vote now!

    MARC... so negative!!! TISK TISK
  12. Silly Challenge

    late reply, but here is a hint.... check the apprentice CD for a hip file named explode.hip... think thats the name of it. look and ye shall recieve...
  13. Games... I dunno...

    best looking game on the planet is EVERQUEST... j/k.. imo - doom3 was cool looking 3 yrs ago... but its kinda silly and BORING. as an aside, i was never really impressed with the bumps shown in doom3's sneak previews... all said and done, crappy graphics dont count for much, gameplay seems to be 99% of the game to most ive talked to.. example: everquest, TERRIBLE graphics but gameplay HOOKED people to play for hrs on end. idiots like me :whistling: marc... skeletons with rockets, makes about as much sense as having to put your gun away just to get your 22nd century flashlight out.
  14. SIGGRAPH + Beer + you = FUN

    its true! not a joke!!!!
  15. Doom 3

    i couldnt agree with this more.... annoying but you begin to get use to the F key switching... gotta say, iam also getting bored of being inside, and the enemies are a bit mundane.. etc etc... overall i love the game, id has always been one of my favorite software companies.
  16. yippeee...

    marc... me thinks you are being spoiled!!! you need to download the Painkiller (by valve) demo, although its on the shelves now, youll be able to have a little fun before dropping the big bucks.... XOXOX
  17. Houdini 7.0

    Maybe we need a to be able to customize the "Accept" and "Cancel" button text then? mine would have a little more funtionality... MAKE IT - makes anything and everything the director wants... even before he says or thinks it.. FUCK IT - a button within houdini that triggers a .38 calibre bullet wedged in ones brain during a super secret indoctrionation ritual when you begin to learn the ways of houdini howz'at sound??
  18. 10000 Posts.

    marc... did you LET THE MONKEYS OUT AGAIN???
  19. Houdini 7.0

    I think SESI should incorporate a "MAKE IT" and "FUCK IT" button...
  20. .hip

    oi willard! well, if theres strippers next time, I WILL BE THAR!
  21. Find closest point?

    yah you will create a couple attributes, it is using the variable you created as a result of xyzdist() ...primuv() is getting the point nfo. ill do a small sample which will make more sense
  22. .hip

    hmm you know, i dont even remember the xmas party ... unless it was the one at sunset room, we partied loooong after it ended. think it was me, val, joe, & sarah went to some dudes house from DD... my memory is blurred from too much booze to the point, gogo dancers were not present!! next year will be strippers, free booze, and a free 1 yr full license of houdini with tech support.
  23. Find closest point?

    there is also xyzdist() ill get a small sample up when i get the chance
  24. UVEdit query

    soft transform isnt broken, you are not actually selecting other points.... the *area of effect* can be controlled by using the soft radius parameter. hiding points doesnt mean they will not be effected.
  25. .hip

    hey ed... there was 2? sarah kicks ass!! wish i could have made it down