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  1. pyro vel curve path

    not exactally, i want export the vel of the smoke wheres moves into the path curve... not the curve vel... because it will affect in other sims.. example look the screen.. i know one solution is multiply with the density for remove outside smoke vel, just curious to see if is there other better way because still have smoke+curve vel.
  2. pyro vel curve path

    Hello guys, i am trying to get only the vel of smoke using wiith "gas curve force" but i see 2 vels, the smoke + curve.... how i can get only te smoke vel? NOTE: i tried multiply vel with density (@vel*=@density;) but that is not what i want, still have 2 vel as density form.. the idea is just export the vel of smoke only. any ideas? hip at bottom if you want try. thanks in advance. smoke_curve.hip
  3. Hey someone tried the rest,rest2 of flipsolver and texture as correct? im trying to that and doesnt looks fine, dont sure what more i need for i get as correct, ive tried convert both rest into uv, still bad, if someone know that i would apreciate to get more info about this. thanks in advance cheers Carlos
  4. i think got it, was very easy, just create 2 fields in vdb sop density and temperature. cheers
  5. Hey! Im trying to figure out the way to transfer the "age" from pop to volume as "temperature" for change color, ive tried volume from atribute as transfering but doesnt work, im using volume rasterize point for that, would be nice to see color as temperature in volume visualization, i will try to figure out, if you know any trick to do would be nice help for me ! thanks in advance! cheers C pop_volume_temp_color.hip
  6. Blend together border particles

    yes but without convert volume, just blend these particles without change the Ptnumbers, velocity if there is, etc.. thanks!
  7. Blend together border particles

    good but that is not what i need, i made attrib transfer blend color just fast for you see where i want smooth/blend together in this zone, btw your fallof is nice, thank you cheers
  8. Hey! Im figuring out to blend these red borders or smooth that zone or something, im not good using vopsop, have tried smooth sop, etc.. if you know any solution would be apreciate it, there is images for you see what i mean and the hip file. particles_blend_border_v01.hip thanks in advance! cheers
  9. Merge VDB in one mesh

    yeah, that is ! i like your idea, sure is more ways to do that, thank you mate! cheers C
  10. Merge VDB in one mesh

    I attach the idea what i want, this image is photoshoped, you can see quality mesh by zone as only 1 mesh. cheers Carlos
  11. Merge VDB in one mesh

    i need because its not funny mesh 20 million poly and ray sop it, its just idea to mesh in 1 instead 2 times, just i need to know separate quality mesh by zones, that would work, i have other method its with vopsop using edge groups zones to snap together but its not perfect thanks for the words! cheers C
  12. Hello guys, Im figuring out about merge 2 flip fluids as diferent particle scale into one mesh as diferent detail by flip, i have tried vdb_combine, merge, etc.. cant get as i want, the idea is merge before of meshing and in meshing (vdb_from_particle fluid) must mesh as diferent detail geometry but dont know how do for now, if you know and can tell me would apreciate it, i atach simple scene if you want touch it. PD: the hip file is just merge and convert, its incorrect because see the inside border, must be continuos 2 mesh in 1 with these detail of both as separated, see the screen. thank you in advance Carlos merge_VDB.hip
  13. Rocket pop smoke trail

    hi, this is more easy and work fine yes, i had diferent: using age and life connected to fit and the fit to ramp as curves then to density, works also and i compared with your, i see same result but not 100% sure thank you for the method! cheers C
  14. Rocket pop smoke trail

    i think found solution, just point vop as age > fit > density before connect to volume rasterize point, im testing now, also will play with LIFE , hope i can get it correct
  15. Rocket pop smoke trail

    Hey! have tested the volume rasterize points same as have the whitewater default one but i dont see there dispears as dissipation at last of trail.. can you show me that ? if you can of course thanks cheers C