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  1. Reel 2013

    pressure field ,Cool idea!!!
  2. Reel 2013

    Great Reel !!Pazuzu, I have another question,how can you achieve this effect in the under link http://forums.odforce.net/topic/18111-flip-smorganicsheeter-effect/ what's the method? would you like to share something or post the otl in the orbolt? I even want to buy it!!!
  3. whitewater birth control

    Hi gramx I'm Studying Houdin 12.5,using flip tank and white water I watch your work on vimeo .it's amazing ,very nice .I have some queston:how you make the spray/foam/bubbles moving so fast ,flying so high,Add a velocity field or curlnoise field around the object or something other..... would you like share you hip files?Just the under below,I will very appreciate!! http://vimeo.com/64140693 (At time 00:18)