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  1. volume rendering issue

    Hi mates I've a volume rendering issue in Houdini, I use particles convert to VDB as the source of volume light. it pretends the heat and temperature for rendering volume shader. but I don't know why it has the problem shows some grids on the result seens like flicker. the video as below. rendering issue I hope someone can give me answers, I never have this problem before.... thanks so much!!
  2. Thank you!! Gaurav !!! But I don't understand why I need to define "@side" is vector again ? does it not inherit the type from parents node!? If I need to do it again , why the "@up" and "@N" don't have this problem !? thank for your reply , cheers
  3. Hi mates this is my first post topic in here, recently, I start to practice basic scripting on VEX, and I try to practice some example from vopsop to pointwrangle, but in this case , I get the different result in the same things, I dont know what's wrong in here, so I hope someone might might check my file and please tell why I got the different in this case, thank so much !!! practice.hipnc