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  1. Houdini 16 Wishlist

    A little more sophisticated sky model.
  2. transform vdb sdf in sops

    I suggest multiplying P by some matrix generated from Rotate VOP or similar. edit: Apologies for being too quick to post and not reading carefully.
  3. Mix BSDF issue

    This is because SSS component is not within BSDF, but in the emission (Ce). You can see that your BSDFs did mix properly, but SSS is still added on top. You have to subtract it by the same amount you mix. Multiply your Ce, or if you are using Surface Model (as I'm guessing) it might be convinient for you to plug your mask into SSS Intensity.
  4. Advice on cloud scene

    Care to help finding those threads? Or any advice is good too. Really wondering if there's something else to this than Volume quality and Transparent samples. Thank you.
  5. Car Crash using FEM

    Hi! I found this thing to be very interesting for someone looking for car crashes. I think it's some sort of FEM too. Too bad we can't have geometry caches from this thing, because quality and stability is really not bad, also considering this is real-time. http://www.beamng.com/content/
  6. There was a thread on this not long ago, maybe it's worth to try searching. If I remember right it was about not having enough pressure to push new liquid, maybe you have to add some divergence with your source? Also maybe reseeding could be involved too?
  7. Flat tank vs FLIP tank

    You can animate Size and Center parameters in the initial Ocean Source.
  8. Unpack Alembic

    Convert SOP, if I understood right. It will convert your Polysoup to regular polys
  9. Yes, it worked for me. Both as point and primitive attributes too.
  10. Hi, You can use Render State VOP in your shader with packed:attribute syntax. packed_01_fix.hip
  11. Faucet Running Water

    As a small tip I would suggest for you to check Add ID on the solver node, if you go the way Dan is describing. That will enable you to randomize bubble size without flickering (based on this id attribute rather the ptnum).
  12. Heh, maybe just an Attribute Transfer with Max Sample Count = 1? Also groups already there.
  13. Hi, I was curious to give it a try, so here's some quick wrangling which kind of does what you need but on isolated points. Sorry, was too lazy to translte it to groups But maybe this could help you a little. ptcolor_from_nearest.hip
  14. what is the best laptop for houdini

    I'm not sure if this is accurate comparsion, given that Envy model is 2010 with both CPU and GPU being AMD (and MBP is 2012 Intel model). I meant something more like that http://amzn.to/1l2ADoC, but with 16 GBs.
  15. what is the best laptop for houdini

    Hi newbee, I can recommend from personal experience HP laptops of Envy dv6 series (or Pavilion depending on your country). For ~1000 dollars you get a 16Gb / i7 beast ready to sim and render 24/7 Seriously, I pulled the heck out of this thing and had no problems whatsoever. In my opinion, greatest price/value deal for Houdini stuff.