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  1. JSON, PYTHON and Detail Attribs

    Hi Guys, I am reading data in from a JSON file and attempting to store it in a detail attribute and then read back a lookup value in a wrangle. The JSON data looks like this. { "DOM_IDS":[ { "DOM_ID": "00", "PATTERN": "" }, { "DOM_ID": "01", "PATTERN": "13" }, { "DOM_ID": "02", "PATTERN": "11,15" } ] } The code to push that to a detail attribute looks like this for me ... node = hou.pwd() geo = node.geometry() import csv, json file = node.evalParm("data_dir")+node.evalParm("json") dom_dict = {} with open(file, 'r') as json_file: dom_dict = json.load(json_file) geo.addAttrib(hou.attribType.Global, "dom_dict", {}, 0, 0) geo.setGlobalAttribValue("dom_dict", dom_dict) This works .. but I have no idea if this is formatted correctly The detail attribute has this value ... {"DOM_IDS": [{"DOM_ID": "00", "PATTERN": ""}, {"DOM_ID": "01", "PATTERN": "13"}, {"DOM_ID": "02", "PATTERN": "11,15"}]} Can anyone tell me how to access a given PATTERN using the DOM_ID as a key (using an attribute wrangle) ?? Thanks a lot !!! Mike
  2. TOPS PDG Imagemagick Sequences in Montage

    Heads up guys .. Jeff at SideFX was able to help me out .. I will post the solution later today for anyone curious about this.
  3. Hey Guys, Finally getting around to really dig into Tops and PDG .. love it .. but i am having some trouble wrapping my brain around a problem. I am doing my own obligatory random rock generator and rendering 24 frame Arnold turntables of each rock. This is all working. The output looks like ... RENDERDIR\ROCK_VARIANT\SEQUENCE example : RENDEDIR\ROCK_ROP_0\ROCK_ROP_0.$F4.png Currently I have 73 rock variantions each with its own 24 frame turntable. My goal is to turn these image sequences into a contact sheet image sequences that shows all the variants playing on the same page. I dont know how to setup the partitioning to read each variant etc. The only result I am getting so far is each frame of the montage showing me the 24 frame turntable of each rock. Here is an example ... you can see instead of having the variants next to each other .. its a single rock with each frame of its turntable. PLEASE .. any help at all would rock (ewwww bad pun) cheers
  4. Deleting Points from a Primitive Wrangle

    Maybe this image will help ... I think I need to iterate over each primitive and then get the min and max value of a static id to delete the points.
  5. Deleting Points from a Primitive Wrangle

    Here is another image kind of showing my progress .... What I want to do based on this data is randomly delete: 1 point on prim1 2 points on prim2 1 point on prim5 1 point on prim6 1 point on prim9 I underlined some points in the return value from primpoints just to illlustrate possible points to delete.
  6. Hi Guys, I am trying to learn more VEX and I am definitely in need of some assistance here. This is very basic. I have stacked rows of curves that have 3 points each. I want to delete from 0 to 2 pts per curve randomly. Curently I am assigning an @del_qty to each primitive that will tell me how many point on that primitive I am to delete. I dont know how to delete the points using a wrangle since my @del_qty lives on the primitive. Below is an imag that show what I am attempting to do (the red x's are deleted points). .
  7. Color Management Rules ?

    Right ... so if I am reading this correctly ... the standard ocio naming conventions drive how Houdini interprets image types ... but currently there is no customization for studio rules. Will keep this thread alive with any information we come across.
  8. Hey guys ... we are looking into establishing an ACES pipeline, I was curious if Houdini had any sort of color management rules system similar to Maya. Here is a screen capture of the Maya implementation that applies rules to image types. We are going to start by using Arnold's .TX format to apply these rules to each image category. Thanks Mike
  9. access menu item

    that is exactly what I thought you were going to say =P ... so a wrapper seems like the best way.
  10. access menu item

    Is there no way to build the menus with python on launch .. similar to Maya usersetup.py ? I'm just getting started w menus now and was trying to avoid hardcoded xml. Thanks
  11. getting active input from a switch node ?

    better than just listing an answer !!! thanks !
  12. Can anyone tell me how to get the active input from a switch node in houdini ... I have a bunch of file nodes going into a switch and I want to grab the active nodes filepath. Thanks.
  13. I am working with VDBs for collisions ... everything looks good up until the point that i convertvdb back to polys. I am getting visible voxel bands in my mesh. Can someone tell me how to avoid this ? VDB on top ... Conversion on bottom.
  14. Smoke & Mirrors ... a NYC post house needs an artist capable of create a macro demo with a biomedical feel. Should be comfortable with Flip/SPH Fluid, Particles, Pyro as well as procedural animation and deformations. This project is self contained so working remotely is a possibility. If you are interested you may contact me directly here for more info using PM here. Thanks
  15. Need Wire Constraint Help

    of course ... thanks ... regarding debugging ... aside from the spreadsheet is there any other tool you use ? btw : I am checkout out bosnak's scene and so far i agree. =)