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  1. guided ocean layer leak

    ooook, so that happens when Reseeding it turned off so, how cna i keep splasy sploshy sims w reesiding on? and the 'guidingcollison, guidinsurface' . etc where do they come from? And if i make a DOP from scratch how do i get this on my Flip solver...?? fanks
  2. guided ocean layer leak

    Hi! I am using the shelf guided ocean layer, and it all works ok, until i decrease the particle separation, and the flip particles leak downward from the guided sim the top part is the the ocean preview, the layer of flip below, dripping down. Am i supposed to plug the ocean preview as a collider in DOPs?? thanks in advance, i have been going on with this ocean thing and i cant get it to work properly! in addition to this, as i would like to build this all i one Geometry node,,,( i like it that way) where are this guidingcollision, etc attribs coming from? thanks! O/.
  3. I think it is due to a permission issue on the DSM end combined with alembic,,,not sure how to fix it other than the ACCESS METHOD
  4. same here! i had a DS411, got a DS1817, load file...error!! very odd...will change the vairalbe you say see if that woks on my end...anyone has figured out how to fix this, maybe on the Synology NAS end?
  5. Hi people... I got some serious vdb issues, where i got some vdb combining, tweaking,,,combining with other poly to vdb , etc. I have some xfroms on the geom before it gets converted to vdb and combined. It goes well for a while, i make keyframes on the xforms...and at some point on the vdb combine, the xforms stuff up and move out of position. It seems not to like xfroms up the chain, pre vdb conversion. I do get some odd warnings on some of the VDB combine, i was getting is a 'mismatch surface & surface value mismatch (0.025 & 0.075)' when both A&B vdbs are 0.025, (but gets fixed with a re sample before going in to the vdb combine on both A& B I also get a warning on 'surface & surface transforms don't match' on the vdb combine that stuffs up my transforms. Pain! I would try to do all my geo transforms then save an alembic and load back without extra xforms, but i do need to line this up to the millimeter, and I can't due to things going off ..... I am runnning 14.0.395 thanks in advance !
  6. Here is a scene, simplified, but still displaying the misalignment https://www.dropbox.com/s/dj3m3y5qzlnii2i/crown_2_43_023_SEND_Forum.rar?dl=0 thanks!
  7. Remote desktop

    Hi ! I got an office space where i have the machines /server /fast interneto..when working past dinner time or at unreasonable hours (often) I do it from home, by using RDC (remote desktop connection) on win7, it works well with most apps, but Houdini wont run trough it. It runs using TeamViewer,,,but is sloooooooooooow. I have a gaming video card at home and nothing too fancy at the office, which works fine, i don't know if this is a driver issue (got latest nvidia drivers) or some configuration i can change in houdini? thanks O/.
  8. Remote desktop

    i didn't even know it existed! thanks Ciaran!
  9. Remote desktop

    thanks guys, will try them out. the HP one sounds good,,,but i will have to get a HP box..not a bad excuse
  10. id to PT

    hi, a simpleton question... I am importing particles from Real Flow, and want to group then delete every 10th particle or so, with Group By Range select 1 of 6 etc works fine except it uses PT, and this gets very chaotic as this order changes every frame. So i have been trying Attrib Rename, which technically works, i see the data is renamed to PT, but the Group is still picking by the original PT, i am not sure how to force the use of 'id' on group by expression....or if i need some extra tweaking somewhere else? thanks in advance Octavio
  11. id to PT

    cool, will try that ! ...one laaaast thing, I am now copying spheres to the particles, and i am again having to deal with the PT changing each frame and using Stamp fit01(rand($PT),0.02,0.05) , i get the spheres changing size each frame as they get assigned a new particle each time..not very nice bubbles! So i am again trying to find out why the real flow particle ID can't be accessed by more vanilla sop's. I don't mind getting to point wrangle but if there was an 'easier' or less code-y way of doing that? even if it is at the expense of performance,,as i am only dealing with a few thousand particles. thanks, O/.
  12. id to PT

    ahhhh!!! fanx!!
  13. id to PT

    muchas gracias guys... I am having now issues with the deleting side of things....using a group SOP by expression $CR == 0, works, but the the Blast, kind of wont refresh the selection
  14. id to PT

    I can't get this to work... the @realflowId is called @id but even with that i wont get random colors.....doh! one second... @Cd = {1,1,1}; @rand = rand(@id); if (@rand < 0.5) { @Cd = {0,0,0}; } boomshakalaka! thanks guys!!
  15. id to PT

    i modified ChristopherC wrangle a bit if (rand(@id) < 0.95) { removepoint(geoself(), @ptnum); } so i can delete as a percent, a good result but still curious on the renaming of attributes.
  16. id to PT

    hi Sebkaine, yes i got a sim from RF, each particle comes out with an id, that is constant, but houdini uses PT, which is not constant, so i tired to rename id to PT, with no luck
  17. id to PT

    thanks! it does the trick, but i would like to know why i cant access or change id to PT or group by id directly.
  18. VDB velocity from BIN particles

    hello! firstly I will say i am a bit green with houdini, so be gentle I am trying to get some air particles out of a Real Flow BIN particle stream. I am not sure how can i get the velocity from them in to a VDB so i can use VDB advect points... any pointers to tutorials appreciated! O/.
  19. VDB velocity from BIN particles

    thanks! will download...and persevere
  20. VDB velocity from BIN particles

    doh! thanks...that did something , but i am hardly getting any movement on the particles....time to re watch some tutorials.
  21. real flow BIN particle export

    Hello! another super newbie question, be kind... i am going tru a lot of tutorials on Houdini as i want it to use together with Real flow and i know there is something really basic i am doing worng. i have imported geometry with a scatter and want to export the particles /points to a RF BIN file..but the Rf exporter is not happy... what is the correct setup for this? do ineed to make a group of the particles or use the points and convert to particles first...?? thanks in advance and sorry for the lame questions O/.
  22. real flow BIN particle export

    hey Florian! yes am slowly, very slowly trying to learn Houdini to add to my fluid sims tool set. Can you use alembic particles in RF now? I got the exporter working, very fussy, but works! just had to delete it a couple of times and jiggle it a bit..go figure. Christian, it is a bit buggy yes! I tend to do a lot of SPH simulations, and i am not too familiar with flip in houdini, yet!
  23. Hi! houdini newbie here, i use Real Flow a bit so am trying to do meshing in houdini, is pretty good so far, if a bit slow compared to Frost in 3dsmax. i got a Rf_particle_import -> Particlefluid surface -> group -> smooth the smooth wont affect the geometery, if i save out the surface as bgeo or obj then groups->smooth works fine Is there an op i need to have to be able to use smooth? saving geo out then reloading is a bit cumbersome as i want to tweak settings on particlesurface and also peak... thanks in advance and excuse my lameness Octavio
  24. smooth op wont work on particlefluidsurface

    marty: thanks for the tips, will have a look at VDB surfacing. dobin: i am using filtering but it smoothes out bigger details (drop / tendrils) too much, so i have it on low-ish values, the smooth op i am trying to affect higher frequency bumps. i found out the if i drop a pointjitter op (scale=0) the smooth op works fine! go figure