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  1. Procedural Plagiarism

    Last night I've been invited to show some of the Procedural Plagiarisms at Wellington's DesignPro Meetup. Slides - for those who couldn't make it: http://proforma.preset.de/designPro/proceduralPlagiarism_slides_201410.pdf
  2. Big News Next week!

    A fancy term for Crowd Sourcing?
  3. Is $T a requirement for your workflow? Personally I prefer working in frames - it feels more natural. As for starting at 1001: As oldschool mentioned not every software gives you the luxury of handling negative frames seamlessly like Houdini. Wouldn't be the first time foo.-89.obj broke a workflow. Also cut ranges and handles often change over the live time of a shot, again starting at 1001 prevents the numbers to go into the negatives. Unless you offset everything to keep the frame numbers consistent. Having said that, yes I've seen shots with 15000 frames preroll - everything's possible. Btw, are you writing a thesis about this, the topic seems quite academic?
  4. how do you get into a movie like this?

    You need to be at the right place at the right time.
  5. Multi-thread the smooth SOP

    Maybe this works on Windows as well: import os os.path.join(os.getenv('HFS'), 'bin', 'hbatch') [/CODE]
  6. not sure if this is what you're asking, but this page seems to have the math to convert udim into uv: http://bneall.blogspot.co.nz/p/udim-guide.html
  7. Freelance daily rate

    http://vfxwages.com/ Ooops. Looks like I missed this shutting down.
  8. Just stumpled across this - which reminded me of this thread: Paint Processing Textures in Maya http://www.dannywynne.com/blog/?p=14
  9. Random link of interest

    THE VISUAL LABORATORY nodewerk.com see also: http://blog.aviary.com/a-holiday-present-to-fans-of-aviarys-retired-advanced-suite/
  10. Random link of interest

    Announcing SFI's new free online courses in complex systems http://www.santafe.e.../announce-mooc/
  11. Random link of interest

    Announcing SFI's new free online courses in complex systems http://www.santafe.e.../announce-mooc/
  12. I'd try expressionChop and would probably fail.
  13. Random link of interest

    Drawing with Computers / Mark Wilson Book (pdf) http://mgwilson.com/Drawing%20with%20Computers.pdf …
  14. The future of xTools

    Go with the flow. A 1000 facebook fans ... not to sure where this will take you. Or if it actually would mean anything.