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  1. Hello, I have been making several attempts to accomplish something like Matt Taylor's Seeds concept https://youtu.be/vUvEy37LhqE I have tried a couple of approaches including using a multi-solver but no luck. would really appreciate any input that helps! Motion_Graphics_Designs_By_UK_Based_Artist_Matt_Taylor.mp4 Houdini_Vellum_growth.mp4 Spheres_growth_v001.hip vellum_grains_growth_v004.hip Spheres_growth_v002.hip
  2. I am just discovering that there has been a change in the Remesh sop in Houdini 18.* before I just used the Remesh rest input and it was stable and does not change every frame (on animated/deformed geo). Now it does not work! Also when using the same exact node, the output is different.
  3. Hello, Using Houdini 17.5 to create boat wake with white water. Using the white water solver I where I would like to emit foam and spray over the flip surface. However, I do not want the bubbles as I am under the impression this would reduce simulation time and memory consumption. That said, I couldn't figure out a way to stop the solver from emitting bubbles! Anyone was able to deal with this or any documentation or thread that could help?
  4. Hello, Looking to make a similar effect http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/?title=Houdini#Unfolding_polys However, currently the effects works on faces (per-face) Is it possible to achieve the same but on islands or name attribute instead of face? Basically, the desired effect would be to unfold based on the color marked islands/groups. any suggestions or help please. Ipad_Cut.hipnc
  5. Any luck? Gees this looks great!
  6. Hello, Wondering if there is a simple way to create an effect like this:
  7. Hello all, I am looking at this amazing fx made by Axis for Halo e3 2013. Studying the reference ( the terrain fx ), I thought to approach this using RBD fracture to drive a second sim layer of pop grains (sand). However, I am also thinking maybe I could use vdb+volume vops to mimic the motion. and for the second layer, perhaps using just particles emitting in focus areas. I would appreciate your thoughts on how to approach this. GroundCollapse_Reference.mp4 @MENOZ would love your input if possible.
  8. https://arxiv.org/pdf/1201.4353.pdf thank you! Now need to figure it out
  9. Great work! Very inspiring indeed
  10. Hey guys, any update on this. It is very interesting. Have you managed to produce results?
  11. When I have created the grainsource I hade the explicit constraints turned off. Mia it safe to assume this would reflect on the above? Do I need to turn on the the explicit constraints create option? I noticed my sim gets slow when this option is turned on
  12. first render. still needs a lot of work. Statue_Sand_DisConst.[0001-0240].mp4 Statue_Sand_DisConst.[0001-0240].mp4
  13. Updated 5 million particles. Looks stable but can’t control the setup to my liking. I will still have a second look at the master class. untitled.mp4
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