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  1. Hi guys I'm trying to use rop file output node in for loop. I want to render multiple frame using for loop However It only renders last frame with rop file output node. When with file node's write mode, it works fine I need help. Any comments will be appreciated!! Thanks I attached hip file. Render Button is in the <rop_volume_texture1> node read smoke_39.bgeo at 'file1' node Questionfoorloop.hip smoke.39.bgeo
  2. Hi, im doing flip fluid i made a sphere and use it flip fluid emitter and collide with a glass however, fluids didn't fill the object it only collide with the glass. i think particles are die after collision but not sure, Anybody can tell me why fluid don't fill the object? HERE IS MY HIP FILE test.hipnc
  3. Cloth Fracturing(Tear) Question

    Hi guys, nowdays I'm making a exploded helicopter scene. I want add some details on the fracture edge. So I used a cloth sim and fracture it with paint node. But as you can see in the pic, vertex is fractured for 4side!! I really want to solve this problem. So please help me I add my hip file. and If you have a better idea to get a realistic metal tear Give me some advice It is a reference image Thanks!! 20131023_tail_cloth.hip
  4. RBD:How can I set frame range?

    if($FF > 50 && $FF<100, $F, 0) 라고 RBD point object의 Creation Frame에 넣으세요 $FF>50 이런식의 인풋은 1을 출력합니다. 참고로 $FF>50 || $FF<100 에서 '||'는 또는 이기 때문에 50프레임 이상 또는 100프레임 이하에서 발생되라고 말하기 때문에 모든 프레임에서 생겨납니다.
  5. How to stop deforming RBD?

    Hi guys.. Can I stop deforming RBD on each pieces? I make a sphere and make fracture with voronoi and use mountain sop to deforming pieces. and make attribute 'active' to make only few pieces can active. After that I bring them to the DOP and check 'use deforming object' and use active value So I can fracture some pieces but after fractured, fractured pieces are still deforming How can I stop deforming about fractured pieces?? Example Hip file is added... any comments will be fine deforming.hip
  6. How to fracture elastic object??

    Hi guys Im trying to break with elastic object, but no resources... I need help here is my reference video https://vimeo.com/81263625 Can I do this with wire object + RBD fractured object + glue ?? Any tips or comments will be help for me.
  7. How to fracture elastic object??

    Thanks for your kindness! FEM is good, but I have to work with 12.5 T.T..
  8. Flip fluid and vdb collision

    decrease the particle seperation... I did(1 -> 0.08) and it works fine..
  9. flip solver > volume > collision there is an option 'static on collision' and many parameters... Houdini help says... <Keeping a high Normal Scale but decreasing the Tangent Scale can create a “sticktion” effect, where the fluid flows quickly around the collision but remains stuck to the surface.> have a try...
  10. Some Flip Ocean Questions~~~~~

    Hi all Im doing flip ocean shark splash~ but I don't know exactly how it works. this is my reference video and my question is this if you click below image you could see it!! I really want to know, I searched odforce forums for a day. But, I can't get a answer Any comments will be good for me Thanks!
  11. Some Flip Ocean Questions~~~~~

    Thanks carlos!! Actually I did almost thing now. But have no confidence. With your answer I realize I'm doing well
  12. Sticky from object doesn't work...

    Hi guys im doing stick test but my hip file doesn't work. I tried same as example hip file hip file is below any pointattribute or destination field name has changed?? I'm confused... please help!! 3ad_flip is an example file... I think it is an old version...but I don't know what is changed.... stickscale.hip 3ak_flip_stickscale_from_geometry.hipnc
  13. Sticky from object doesn't work...

    oh... It works!!!! Thanks for your kindness!!
  14. Sticky from object doesn't work...

    yeah... you're right my subject may be wrong..
  15. Drive pscale by smoke temperature?

    Hi~ You can do that with 'fit' function. create 'create attribute node' and typing fit function in the value ( base is 0)
  16. Pyro & Scene Scale Question!

    Hi! I have a question about Pyro and Scene's relationship. Cause my project's detail is not enough... I've set pyro division 0.03 and substep 5 but it still looks not enough detail... I add my images Is my scene's scale is too small?? I've heard houdini's 1 unit is 1 meter... I think I made it as a real world scale.... But when I open the other's pyro hip file, their scene scale is very big~ and they have a good detail even though they have rough division size. So if I want to upres my simulation, scaling the scene is the ideal way? Any comments will be appreciated
  17. Birth and Death Smoke

    or just make 0 value of activation at sourcevolume
  18. How about checking a collision volume?? Complex object which is imported from another tool normally has not enough collision volume.
  19. Rotor wash dust question!!

    Hi all, I'm doing helicopter's rotor wash dust and have a issue. added mov and hipfile is my rotor wash I used circle so I can emit smoke like a ring-shape but circle has a hole in the center. I want to fill the hole but have no idea I'm doing with particles but it doesn't work well When I downsizing the circle, volume became too small and hard to see... How can I approach to the solution? Any comment is good for me. 20131111_rotor_wash_flip2.mov 20131111_rotor_wash.hip
  20. Rotor wash dust question!!

    Guys I tested it in the other way... with popadvect which way looks more realistic?? any comments will be appreciated!! and if use it as a emitter again then additional smokes will appear. Finally it doesn't match with pop's movement. Is there any suggestions?? 20131114_popadvect2.mov
  21. Rotor wash dust question!!

    well,,, have a one more question... according to the JuriBryan's advice, I checked the <smokeobject1 - multi - density ramp > but it is already increasing(fade in). And it is related with overall density not separately generated smoke(I think) and I have no idea about 'age' attribute,,, cause it is not a particle... So I use a gasfieldvop and make a ramp from 'time' and multiply it with density. But it looks different from what I want. Q = How can I get a 'age' attribute? Q2 = It has to be done in gasfieldvop? or shader or anywhere else?
  22. Rotor wash dust question!!

    What a nice solution! Thanks very much
  23. Rotor wash dust question!!

    I checked this file and looks fine. I've tried this method before but I don't know how to modify the speed of noise, So I used vopsop and add a noise based scattering~ but it looks not fine. Now I find pulse duration adjusts speed of noise. Thanks!!
  24. Rotor wash dust question!!

    oh, thanks for kind reply again yeah...it is hard to emit smoke from nothing. I think there may be exist some trick... I think using particle advect is the best way... But I don't know how to make a nice smoke from advected particle motion use them as a emitter again? I don't know...But have to try it I'll check your file early in the next morning,,,cause im in home now and have no houdin... Anyway Thanks again WD!!!!!
  25. Rotor wash dust question!!

    https://vimeo.com/79056611 is what I mean. smokes are emitted from nothing!