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  1. why doesn't the emission color ramp in the pryo node ( auto dop network ) link to the flames material> color, in the shop context? Is there a reason why wouldn't an artist want to see the same color of the flames in the viewport and the render? Or is there a different way to do this?
  2. I've thought of that too, using a ramp parameter. The problem is how would i be able to hook up the value of that position parameter input field, with the keyframe in the blendshape node that i've animated.. Could you elaborate please?
  3. Hello, Is it possible to be able to control the placement of a keyframe via a input field without scripting? ( sad to say script guru, i am most definitely, not ). To elaborate : i have a digital asset that has 3 keyframes. The first keyframe is fine; is always supposed to be at 0, with a value of 1. The second keyframe is supposed to always be in the middle of the 3 keyframes, with a value of 0. The third keyframe is the one that i would want the user, in a Digital Asset, to be able to input in, which frame does he/she want the keyframe to be at, always with a value of 1. To make things slightly more complicated, this one input is currently now controlling two other nodes, which is already working fine, because i know how to Paste Copied Relative References, tweak a bit of the expressions,etc. Its just this part that im not so sure about; how to hook up this input field to be able to control the third keyframe. Or does it have to be via scripting? would appreciate any input. Thanks
  4. Hello, Something strange going on. I've been trying to create a DA. Everything goes fine, until i try to drag in a node ; specifically the image size node. See the attached image. Here is the Crash Log. Crash report from User; Houdini FX Version 12.5.427 [windows-x86_64-cl15] Traceback from Wed Jul 17 11:37:55 2013 Caught signal 11 +0x747ad8b3 [CH_Channel::initializeFirstSegment] +0x6fccd2ff [PRM_Instance::internalAddChannel] +0x6fccd427 [PRM_Instance::addChannel] +0x6fcd9f35 [PRM_Parm::setChannelReference] +0x70156d86 [PI_EditScriptedParms::applyAutoLinks] +0x7027783e [OPUI_EditParms::applyAutoLinks] +0x702885b9 [OPUI_EditParms::verifyAndSaveChangesToNodes] +0x702a0397 [OPUI_EditSubnet::save] +0x702a47d4 [OPUI_EditSubnet::handleAcceptCancel] +0x6dd1101f [uI_Queue::processNextEvent] +0x6dd111fa [uI_Queue::drain] +0x6dd1129a [uI_Queue::eventLoop] +0x6dcf4d10 [uI_Manager::eventLoop] +0x6eefaebf [AP_Interface::getWindowGeometry] +0x6eefb480 [myWinMain] +0x40002fbb +0x2be21832 [baseThreadInitThunk] +0x2c60d609 [RtlUserThreadStart] Anyone knows is this a bug or something?
  5. problem with Mosaic Node

    Update : confirmed. Actually Use GPU to Assist Compositing was already unchecked on my side. But i cleared the COP cache and noticed something else : the tile size. I adjusted the tile size to 512 by 512, saved everything, restarted Houdini and it worked! Thanks so much anim!
  6. problem with Mosaic Node

    Hi, I've been loading in a series of .exr files in the IMG context, and putting in a scale node + a mosaic node after that. See the image attached. But the problem is the mosaic node is not displaying the images in a tile, as per what i understand the function of what the Mosaic node does. Any idea what i'm missing out?
  7. problems with caching DOP networks

    Thanks! that worked out very well. One question though, is it possible to set it up so that Houdini automatically caches a simulation after you change parameters on it? a possible scenario is setting this up as a digital asset so that artists can just change those parameters ; bigger fire, no smoke,etc, and after changing it, Houdini automatically caches it?
  8. Hi, i've been learning how to cache DOP networks ( part of a greater project ) currently got to work by using the DOP i/o node to render out a specific frame range, But when i try to import in that cached data using a file node, i realize that there isnt any color information on it. For example, using pryo FX i was able to cache a frame sequence, but when i bring it back in, i get a grayscale sequence. anyone knows if im missing a step along the way? thanks.