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  1. Hi all.. Has anyone setup agent Transition graphs yet.? I followed docs but seems not to work... Any help would be gratefully accepted
  2. Can anyone help please? The scroll wheel on my mouse is a little funny (not really ) and in Houdini it is often zooming in and out when I button press....very unstable. I have disabled it in the OS but it still zooms in Houdini when wheel is turned. I have used env variable HOUDINI_MMB_PAN set to 0 ...but the wheel still zooms uncontrollably... Does any one know of a way to turn this off in Houdini please?....Maya has a nice setting now which does exactly that. ( mouse scroll wheel disable) Is there an equivalent? Many thanks for any guidance
  3. Chops and changing topology

    You could make your own id attribute before you delete... And reference that instead...
  4. Guys... Amazing answers.. Thank you both very much... I was hoping to find out the following .. Extra nodes, parameter changes and possibly dependencies too... Basically as much info as poss... Thanks again I will try both options
  5. Thanks jrockstad for your kind answer. I am not greatly familiar with python.. I was hoping there was a built in tool like diff on cmd line.
  6. I have two scenes where one has had some changes. Is there a way to easily tell what changes have been made Many thanks
  7. mri volume renderings

    Thanks teratera yup I am using false colours to highlight different densities....I am also using ramps to control the density as well as emission...for that glowy look.
  8. mri volume renderings

    Thanks slamfunk. Still wip wss trying for space cloud look...but alien jellyfish in my head is a good notion..lol
  9. mri volume renderings

    Thanks slamfunk. Still wip wss trying for space cloud look...but alien jellyfish in my head is a good notion..lol
  10. Hiya Here is an image from something I have been working on. I have aquired some mri scans of a head at 7T. Managed to reconstruct dataset in houdini and trying to render it to look hubbelesque...hope you like.
  11. Procedural UV problem

    Hiya Michael Here is a simple example showing the idea. Freeze the geometry as a reference to add the uvs to....then reference these from the deforming geo. Open up the hip and check the names of the nodes... let me know if this helps best mark fixUVExample.hipnc
  12. melting a textured object with FLIPs

    Hiya galakgorr Sorry for the short reply but I sent it from my phone.... I have attached a scene which is one simple approach.. By using different nested geo's with different uvs all sorts of layered textured effects are possible.. Hope this help Spev flipUV_v001.hipnc
  13. melting a textured object with FLIPs

    attr Transfer uv's to particles....sim....and attr transfer back to mesh at end...I have had sucess with this....you can also use different layers of uvs for this
  14. Bullet "popping"

    its to do with the collision objects intersecting on first frame......try adjusting collision padding or adjustment factor on rbd object or the penetration threshold on the rbd solver...if this does not work...try using an explodedview node in sops and explode by a small margin...this works to stop the popping and you may have to parent the origional geo to the sim to close the gaps.....hope this helps...
  15. problems with clipSOP and rotateVOP

    OOps need to actually attach the file blast the attach This file button!..Raphael_DOpMotionSwap1.hip