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  1. Sweep Control

    Here is a test scene where I set up two attempts. sweepTest_v001.hiplc
  2. Sweep Control

    Happy Friday, I'm trying to re-create this work in Houdini... I was trying to achieve with a sweep and custom curve but wasn't able to get the variation like on the example attached. It just looked like a repeated pattern. Can anyone provide a push in the right direction. I'm sure it's a simple step Thanks,
  3. Thanks, Mauborba this helped me out alot!
  4. Thanks for your response I think I figured out a great solution: - Dropping a partition sop - find the attribute name you want, which in my case is named "agentshapesname" - for the rule say `@agentshapesname' and boom groups. thank you for helping!
  5. Happy Friday, I'm currently working on a project where I need to export alembics assets into C4D. The assets I want to export have embedded Prim attributes that I want to convert to Prim groups in order for the artist to have control of the material selections in C4D. Currently, I'm splitting all the attributes and converting them to groups manually which is time-consuming and can break. Since I'll be modifying and making adjustments I was wondering if there was a more procedural way of doing this through a wrangle or possibly the partition sop? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  6. Make smoke stick to particles

    This could help you too: https://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=HoudiniDops#Tornado
  7. Filling a container with RBDs from bottom

    Toadstorm had a pretty good solution for this: Scene file at the bottom of the thread
  8. Vellum Frame

    Yep that easy! appreciate it!
  9. Vellum Frame

    Hey all, I need help with something I think should be relatively easy but cannot figure it out. I want to drop a picture frame in with strings attached using vellum. I have set up the wires but cannot figure out the correct approach to attach to the frame. I have a attached the beginning of my set up maybe someone can help me out or give me some advice! Thanks! vellum_frame_jl_01.hiplc
  10. Drooling Creature

    Sorry but this is amazing!!
  11. Taper multiple curves

    I owe you a beer sir!
  12. Taper multiple curves

    This is cool is there a way I can use it in my intial set up? scene file attached: Bendlines_v001.hip
  13. Hello, I need help trying to bend a bunch of curves into a tapered like shape. The attached image will explain better:
  14. Getting Objects to spawn on the Normal location

    you can also... cause I do this alot: Use this in a primwrangle: ///Add Center Point addpoint(0, @P); ///Remove Prim removeprim(0, @primnum, 1);
  15. For Each attribute

    lol.. derp, that's exactly what was happening thanks for the extra eyes!