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  1. Packed RBD from Pop Sim

    Thanks this is cool! I'm actually trying to constrain the position and just have them self collide with each other if that makes sense... Right now they are tumbling as they move along the surface. Best way I could describe what I'm trying to solve, if you could image that the rbd packed objects are like bikes or scooters so they move along the surface and rotate to the velocity but self collide. I'm still trying wrap my head around it.
  2. Packed RBD from Pop Sim

    Happy Friday, Trying to wrap my head around constraining or copying packed rbd's to particles that are moving along a surface. Attached is my test scene please help if you have time! Thanks, particleRbdTest_01.hip
  3. What version of Houdini are you running? It's working on my end (v17.0.506)
  4. biological modelling methods

    This is super cool Thanks!!!
  5. spiderweb incomplete

    Just closed your add then added a polypath. Here you go: spider_v02.hipnc (oh and add a fuse after your merge before it goes into the vellum so makes it one object )
  6. PolyBevel problem - Modeling

    is this what you need? polybevel_voronoi_jl_v02.hip
  7. Cut Copies

    Thanks guys I appreciate the help!
  8. Cut Copies

    Yes I would assume something along those lines. but i cannot figure out the extrusion process.
  9. Cut Copies

    Hello all, I'm attempting to make an effect like this and am getting stumped if anyone had any ideas on how to approach it would be super helpful! Thanks.
  10. contrail deformation by spline

    No worries, glad you got it working. Looks GREAT!
  11. Particles — Redshift Emission

    When you do emission with redshift you can do it two ways: One - Threw the material in which case you need to lower the diffuse weight and up the emission weight. Second way - Would be to do it through the incandescent. attached is an example. Hope it helps! jl_rs_particleColor_01.hip
  12. H17 Water Rendering Issues

    Are you rendering locally or on a render-farm?
  13. contrail deformation by spline

    Hey Hunter, Is this what your after? volumedeform_jl_v03.hipnc
  14. iter each copy transform

    This is exactly what I was thinking! Thanks for taking a look I really appreciate it!
  15. Hey all, Trying to wrap my head around this... thought it was going to be easy until I got into it. I'm tying to randomize each level in a copy transform in my setup. I get close but I end up randomizing all prims instead of each level. I attached the hipfile. jl_iterLevel_01.hip Please Help, Thanks!