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  1. Make smoke stick to particles

    This could help you too: https://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=HoudiniDops#Tornado
  2. Filling a container with RBDs from bottom

    Toadstorm had a pretty good solution for this: Scene file at the bottom of the thread
  3. Vellum Frame

    Yep that easy! appreciate it!
  4. Vellum Frame

    Hey all, I need help with something I think should be relatively easy but cannot figure it out. I want to drop a picture frame in with strings attached using vellum. I have set up the wires but cannot figure out the correct approach to attach to the frame. I have a attached the beginning of my set up maybe someone can help me out or give me some advice! Thanks! vellum_frame_jl_01.hiplc
  5. Drooling Creature

    Sorry but this is amazing!!
  6. Taper multiple curves

    I owe you a beer sir!
  7. Taper multiple curves

    This is cool is there a way I can use it in my intial set up? scene file attached: Bendlines_v001.hip
  8. Hello, I need help trying to bend a bunch of curves into a tapered like shape. The attached image will explain better:
  9. Getting Objects to spawn on the Normal location

    you can also... cause I do this alot: Use this in a primwrangle: ///Add Center Point addpoint(0, @P); ///Remove Prim removeprim(0, @primnum, 1);
  10. For Each attribute

    lol.. derp, that's exactly what was happening thanks for the extra eyes!
  11. For Each attribute

    Tried to simplify as much as possible... just follow the yellow subnets. Thanks, ForEach_Help_JL_001.hip
  12. For Each attribute

    Your right it looks like i have an error "metadata cooked outside its block, so it's not generating the expected attributes." But in a nutshell, I'm creating attributes on incoming and out coming points, promoting to prim attributes then assigning "direction" attributes to separate pieces to each prim. Now I have to figure why it's cooking outside the block.
  13. For Each attribute

    I'm running into an issue where I'm trying to assigning Prim attributes inside a "for-each count" with a wrangle. I'm aware they made changes to how for-each loops work since 16.5. but is there a way to promote the attributes some how? I saw that some one made some example in the past... but it doesn't work for what I need. using a name mask before the loop won't work with my set up. Is there a way to assign id's a in a wrangle inside the for-loop? Thanks,
  14. air stream?

    @toadstorm did an example of something like this in his blog. https://www.toadstorm.com/blog/?p=465 look for the "The simple ribbon procedural animation." Hope this helps.
  15. Entagma's "Connect the Yarns" in Vellum

    Is there a reason it needs to be done in vellum? It looks like it's already running through dops.