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  1. Hi AslakKS, That is exactly what I'm looking for! Thanks a million!
  2. Hi, I'm doing a vellum hair simulation on a character that starts partially under a ground geo. I also do other vellum sims (as foliage) that need collision with the ground. But my hair gets stuck under de ground geo. How can I make sure that only the other sims are colliding with the ground and not the hair? Thanks!
  3. Hi, I'm looking to create a paper cloth simulation for papers that twirl over the street blown by a slight wind. (like tumbleweed) I was thinking to simulate spheres with RBD and use these points to drive a cloth sim. But I can not get that interaction to work. The cloth object is not updating the position every frame. So I was thinking of using a constraint network. Has anybody got experience with this kind of simulation? Or other approaches I could use? Thanks!
  4. Hi, Is it possible to change the the preset location to a server location or shared folder. So you can share it with colleagues? I found some on the forum to save them in otl's. But it would be easier to share a folder and direct to it? How is this problem solved in big studio's? Thanks!
  5. Thank you @Rainroom! That helped a lot!
  6. Hi, I'm wondering how to get more control over a cloth simulation based on the finite element solver. Like adding a velocity field or something or using attractors? The goal is to direct cloth objects that fall by gravity but I want more control of where they fall and how they move. Thanks!
  7. Hi, How did you fix this problem? I have a simular problem... Thanks!
  8. Hi, How can I transfer/copy/recalculate custom normals from a restpose model to an animated model. So that the direction of the normals move relative with the animated model... In other words that the normals stay relative to animated surface. NormalCopy.zip
  9. Hi I'm tying to create a digital asset that create smoke when particles hit. It works when I create it in a normal context. But when I create a digital asset it does not want to generate any smoke... Has anyone encountered this issue and/or has a solution for it? Thanks for your reply. Ps.: I uploaded the digital asset. OPcustom.hda
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