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  1. Can't get rid of swimming VOP noise

    Hope this helps swimmingVOP_odForce_fixed.hiplc
  2. Explosion

    I fixed that by matching the grain to the BG plate and added overall blur(very little) to the cg elements .Have a look and let me know what you think. Thanks
  3. Hi , I am trying to do a clustered smoke sim emitted from a particle cache.basically i am following the the animated source points example file.I did the basic setup . The problem arises when i am trying to create the instance points for the containers.i need to create the instance points only on creation frame which is not working.i did a frame offset on the particle cache . but still i am unable to create the instance points . Since i am new to clustering i am unable spot the mistake or dont know whether i am doing the right thing .Can someone please have a look at the attached file and help me with this issue Thank you. Regards, Ganesh test_cluster.rar
  4. Explosion

    Thank you Andrew.i already have a motion blur on it.may be i need to increase it and i will add the overall blur as well.
  5. Explosion

    Hello Everybody, Here is a small destruction work that i been working on for the past 2 weeks.Footage tracked in Nuke and Fx elements were simulated and rendered in Houdini,Mantra. Critics and comments are welcome. .http://vimeo.com/112624546 Regards, Ganesh
  6. Hello everybody, Please do have a look at the attached mov. As you had seen the mov , i done the very basic Destruction sim.At this stage i wanted to texture the exterior wall and the fracturing pieces to match the building.How do i approach this situation. Please Help me with this issue. Thank you Ganesh ver1.mov
  7. multiple volumes

    Hi shan , Thank you for your quick reply. I will give a try.One more quick question (sorry for the repeat question) If i have multiple volumes and can i run these operation on the top volume so that the underneath volume be visible. Thank you, Ganesh
  8. multiple volumes

    Hi shan, Sorry for not being clear. Yes i am looking for ways to remove the top layer like an erosion and render them.I tried using VDB,Volume nodes.volume vop but i couldn't figure it out.Please help me with this issue Thank you Ganesh
  9. multiple volumes

    Hello guys, i am actually having two volumes one on top of each other like a skin layer on top of the muscle.What i am trying to achieve here is, if the top layer is partly removed ,the second layer must be visible.Since i am opting for an organic look and the geos are complex ,i looking for a solution in volumes.It would be great if someone can point me in the right direction Thank you -Ganesh
  10. Hi , Can anyone shed some idea about interaction between the new POP and Flip fluid simulation like rain drop creating splash on a stagnant water. Like the one in the reference http://footage.shutterstock.com/clip-6014972-stock-footage-heavy-rain-on-the-street-spring-downpour-falling-on-a-city-street.html?src=rel/5580950:4/gg Thanks, Ganesh
  11. Hello everybody, I am trying to simulate skin peeling effect on a deforming object These are the steps that i followed 1) using sop solver i transferred the color attribute to the deforming geo. 2) fractured it 3)Grouped the Black pts as fixed points 4) finallly fed it into spring sop But i am unable to get the effect and i am stuck at this point. Kindly have a look at the attached file and help me with this issue. Regards, Ganesh for odforce.hip
  12. Thank you for helping me tomas and it works fine for me.
  13. Thank you anim.for the file. I am trying this test for a helicopter crash sequence ..(some thing similar to Black hawk down).so i want rotor animation from sops...Is there any other way to acheive this same effect while using the animation from Sops. Thanks
  14. Hi guys, this is my first post on odforce.I am a bit new to RBD in houdini.I have a rotor rotating at the object level which is being prefractured usining voronoi fracture before sending it to dops.As the rotor colliides the ground the fractured pieces acts strangely. I tried to follow the "choreographed tube breakup" example .but its working for static object but fails at deforming (rotating) object in my case. have look at the attached file and please help me with this issue. cheers, g 2_Rotor_shatter_.hipnc