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  1. Over the course of my graduation project I looked into how a procedural system could be established that would generate a unique deathmatch map that would require as little need of user input as possible. I researched the structural elements of classic deathmatch maps and applied these to construct organic environments. The procedure goes through several steps to establish rooms and paths. Once all rooms and paths have been established a volumetric approach is used to create the mesh. The uv mapping and and polygonal optimization are also completely automized allowing the user to generate a unique map by only pressing a button. Next to having a tool that generates maps without the need for user input, several features for user control were implemented, this does require some knowledge of how Houdini works. The user can manually adjust paths (adding removing etc.) and sculpt additional cover objects. Once exported the map can be imported directly into UDK and be played against bots.
  2. Cut Mesh with Curve

    Hey Renderfan, I think it depends on what you'd like to do with it. I would do this with a Surfsect, convert the grid to nurbs, resample the curve and create a nurbs ribbon by sweeping the curve with a line. Feed it into a surfsect and then convert it back to polygons. hope it helps
  3. Interior Room generation

    Hey, I am currently planning to create a building generatior which allows me to adjust the building both externally and internally. I have seen loads of tutorials where shape generation is discussed however I am looking for a way to divide the rooms inside of the walls and create staircases, windows etc based on input. Thanks Achraf